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0w.com Rummy Apk Download, New Teen Patti 0w, 0w Rummy App

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0w.com Rummy App
0w.com Rummy App

Earning money in India by using the internet is not a tough task. The question, however, is how to earn money online without investment in India? This is because there are many websites that may offer you a chance to earn money in quick and easy ways. But the important thing is, not all the time they will be authentic and trustworthy.

Download 0w.com and get your desired signup bonus instantly when you complete your Registration using your Smart Phone and mobile number. As you all know that making money online is not that easy but now days all those earning options are opened for Indian Mobile users because we have added many Online Apps and Gaming app to earn cash and some of which are Investment Type and Some does not require Investment.

I have been sharing all those Rummy App list which will really pay you and some Teen Patti App will also come with list all these earning apps are good for Indian mobile users who wants to make money by using their Smart Phones only. There are some students are also there who want to earn money by playing games in the Rummy Game App and that makes their life easy by winning real cash from the app.

App Name0w Rummy App
Signup BonusRs.41
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral Bonus30%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Download Websiteallapprummy.com
0w Rummy App

0W.com Rummy Fully Review Article

Ow.Com is not a brand new User Interface Apk but this rummy app have great UI/UX with promising apk provided with Hobi Games and Teen Patti Glee deals and offers with it. I don’t know that these companies are same or not but if we talk about the games and the functions in the app all are same so here you can use this apk. There in the 0W.com App you will get the registration Bonus of Rs.41.

Yes, as all the other rummy games apps are used to earn real cash from the app you can make real money from this rummy app easily by using the Signup bonus 100% that means you can make money without Investment as well. If you reach out the Rs.100 then you can easily redeem your winnings as the minimum withdraw amount is Just Rs.100 in 0w.com apk and so start using now.

Like Teen Patti Master Apk this is not Teen Patti Apk but 0w.com is a gambling or can be called as casino app. This app have app the required games and almost about 20 Online Card games in the app which you can play and win real cash to make your life easier still play with attentions as it may have financial risk.

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You don’t need to worry much to Download Teen Patti 0w.com APK. You just have to click on the download button given below to download this application. Even after this, the application will be downloaded to your smartphone, which you can install and play the game later.

  1. Click on the download button above.
  2. You will visit the official download page of 0w.com Rummy App.
  3. Tap on download button on the page.
  4. Install and complete registration to get bonus.
  5. If you don’t know how to register then follow the instructions given above.

Steps To Receive The Registration Bonus In 0W.Com Rummy App

  1. Click here to visit the download page.
  2. Tap on the download button.
  3. Wait for the Apk to get downloaded.
  4. Install and Open the 0w.com rummy App.
  5. Now click on the Registration button.
  6. Enter your Number, Password and tap on Send/OTP button.
  7. Enter the OTP and Verify your Number.
  8. Finally Tap on the Registration button.

Congratulations you have the signup Bonus in your wallet now. You can use the Teen Patti 0w.com Signup bonus to play Dragon vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, Rummy, 7 Up Down etc and winning are withdrawable Instantly in your bank account.


Use the Dragon vs Tiger trick given below to win real and huge amount of cash in the Glee Teen Patti Apk. This game can be win by using simple trick and there is no need of Gaming skills so start winning money.

First of all load 501 chips in your account.

Bet: 10₹
Bet: 30₹
Bet: 70₹
Bet: 150₹
Bet: 350₹
Bet: 800₹
Bet: 1700₹
Bet: 3600₹
you can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to place a bet.
Choose to bet “Tiger” bet amount: 10.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, the bet amount is selected: 30.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, choose the bet amount: 70.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, choose the bet amount: 150.
If the bet “Tiger” has won, modify the investment amount; bet 10 again.
If one of them, once you win, continue to choose 10 to bet again.

What Games I Can Play In 0w.com Rummy Apk

All these rummy and teen patti 0w.com rummy apk is now providing more than enough choices for playing and winning real cash as you have more than 20 games in the app. The 0w Rummy Apk have all card games which really involves Financial risk so you will need to play as your own risk.

All the games are listed below that you can play and win cash from the app and you might also love to Play Pub G and win money. Along with this are are some Slot Games, Multiplayer games and Skill games are also available.


  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Car Roulette
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Roulette
  5. Win Go
  6. Baccarat
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Matka
  10. Warcraft Roulette
  11. Andar Bahar
  12. Andar Bahar Go
  13. Best Of Five
  14. Red vs Black


  1. Teen Patti
  2. Deep Sea Awakening
  3. Rummy
  4. Ace War
  5. Black Jack
  6. 10 Cards
  7. Duel of the Sea King


  1. PubG
  2. 777 Fruit
  3. Honor of Kings

Is Pub G can be Played To Win Money in 0w.com Rummy App?

Yes, In India we all know Pub G by the name of BGMI and this can be played by the players in India in this 0w.com rummy app to win real cash. We all know that BGMI is a playground gaming app where you play game with friends and alone so, here in 0w rummy apk is now providing you the opportunity to make money while playing Pub G in your mobile phone.

Invitation Program Working in 0w Rummy App

0w Teen Patti Rummy Apk have the referral system which is very good as you will earn unlimited income from your referrals because there is a commission based income which is lifetime program of making real cash from this rummy earning app.

This 0w.com Teen Patti Apk is providing you the opportunity to make almost 30% commission from all your referrals who will play games as when your invited person will play any of the card game or other games provided in the 0w.com rummy games app itself.

This is another fantastic offer for you as you will be able to make extra cash in 3 Patti 0w.com Apk as you will be getting Rs.100 from your every Successful referrals.

The Successful referral means when you invite 10 people but few of them recharges only. When any users recharges are equivalent to Rs.1000 or more in total then they are counted as Valid or Successful referrals.

You will be also getting Rs.100 for inviting friends.

You will Get Rs.80 for 1st Referral

Rs.90 for the Second Valid Referrals

There will be Rs.100 from 3rd Onwards

The sharing method of Share Bonus Invite Link is same as the Refer and Earn Option.

How To Refer and Earn

1. Open the Teen Patti 0w.com Apk.

2. Tap on the Refer & Earn button.

3. Tap on Copy Link button.

4. Your referral link is copied in you clipboard.

5. Share it with your social friends or anywhere you like.

6. Invite more and earn more.

0w.com Rummy Apk VIP Privileges Woking

Here in 0w.com rummy App you also have an option to become a VIP and get many other bonus and extra cash benefits on daily bases in the itslef. As when you are an VIP player for 0w Teen Patti App you get Membership Privileges benefits which includes extra cash bonus on some Intervals.

The VIP Level 1 Privileges is only available when you add cash of Rs.500 in the app for the first time and you are certified VIP player in the app and is now eligible to get the extra cash and use that bonus to play games and convert bonus into winnings and withdraw in the bank account directly.

Membership Privileges Benefits in 0w Com Rummy App

VIP Privileges
VIP Privileges

Sign In Bonus:- Here the VIP player and the normal players both get the daily login bonus but the normal one get small and the VIP player get the daily login bonus in high amount. VIP get daily Rs.10 as Sign In bonus.

Weekly Bonus:- You will be rewarded with weekly bonus and when it is the beginning of the week then you receive this weekly bonus which is also usable.

Monthly Bonus:- Get monthly bonus for becoming an VIP player.

Level Bonus:- When you become an VIP our level also increases that means you will also receive the VIP level bonus.


Hi There every new Rummy or Teen Patti Apk provide their users a Cashback offer and also this is their Promotion strategy to get more and attract new users in their app so here is the First Deposit offer for all of you.

  1. Here in the Frist Deosit Promotion you get Rs.191 when you add cash of Rs.101.
  2. Get Rs.601 when the Add Money of Rs.301 in the Teen Patti 0w.com wallet.


Gaming Rebate is also known as Game Rebate of Rebate bonus in other Rummy or Teen Patti Apps. This bonus works for the players who play games into the app and there will be daily bonus for the players and the Users can claim it daily as well.

the Rebate bonus will be available daily and will be replaced with the new one on Next Day so it is recommended to claim your Rebate Bonus on Daily basis.

When the Betting amount is From Rs.100-Rs.200000 there is be rebate of 0.1%

When the betting amount is more that 200000 then the rebate cash bonus will be 02%

0w Com Teen Patti Apk VIP Relief Fund

Now this 0w.com Rummy Apk is now giving their VIP players a Relief fund in which if the players are unlucky and loose they will get some fund to play the match and convert their loose into win.

VIP Relief Funds is only available for the minimum of VIP Level 2 players and VIP 1 is not included in this only 2 and above are counted.


The Deposit cash and Add Cash both are same thing it is just the name is different. Although the minimum amount you can add into you 0w.com 3 Patti Apk is Just Rs.31. When you Deposit more than or equal to 501 coins into your Teen Patti 0w.com wallet then you also get extra cashback into your wallet.

0w.com Rummy Add Cash
0w.com Rummy Add Cash
  1. Open the Teen Patti 0w.com Apk.
  2. Tap on the Deposit button.
  3. Choose the amount to add & Confirm.
  4. Select the browser to complete transaction.
  5. Choose the method of payment and Tap on Pay button.
  6. Now you can simply complete your payment.


Add Cash program is a simple earning program by adding cash into your Teen Patti 0w.com apk and use that add cash amount into the games and convert that into winning and withdraw it easily. There are many rummy and Teen Patti Apps are available in the Internet and so all of those provide Add cash options.

Add Cash Program In These Teen Patti real Cash games apk are used by the players who wants to earn money by playing real cash games and by beating their opponents. When you add money into your gaming app you also get the cashback from that.


Teen Patti Glee Withdraw
Teen Patti 0w.com Withdraw

1. First of all Open the Teen Patti Glee App.

2. Tap on the withdraw button.

3. Enter your UPI or Bank Account details.

4. Now enter the amount to withdraw.

5. Finally tap on the withdraw button.

FAQ’s of Teen Patti 0W App

Q.1. What does 0W.Com APK Bonus sign look like?
Answer: We receive a bonus of 41 in the Teen Patti OW App.

Q.2. What is the minimum withdrawal amount in the OW.Com?
Answer : The minimum withdrawal amount in the Teen Patti OW app is 200.

Q.3. How many video games total does Teen Patti 0W APK have?
Answer : There are a total of 17 games in this application.

Q.4. What kind of customer service is offered in Teen Patti OW App ?
Answer : You have access to two different types of customer support through this application: online customer support and one-on-one support.

Q.5. Will the 0W.Com app allow us to play PUBG?
Answer : This OW.Com APK does not contain the PUBG game. However, if you would like to play it, you can download the Teen Patti OW App, which includes it.

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