Gamezy Fantasy App Review and Referral Code


Gamezy Fantasy App is the fantasy app like dream11, halaplay, cricplay etc.

We can say the alternative for dream11 is gamezy app.
Gamezy app only support Cricket Fantasy but in very vast method.

The matches support by gamezy app is not only national but international too like Dream11 app.
Get signup bonus ₹150 for new users and use 100% of your bonus in leagues.
Here league means the category of match or battle you enter to score more to win against other players.

Use Referral Code D039E5 to get ₹150 bonus.

How to Sign-up and get bonus
2. Ooen the app now.
3. Click on the enter referral code option.
4. Enter the referral code D039E5 now.

5. Now enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

5.1 Choose avtaar or Skip.

6. ONCE you are done you will be redirected to home of the app.
7. Here you will se the matches.
8. Select anyone and join the contest according to you.

Key Features of Gamezy App
1. Use 100% bonus in contests.
2. UI is very good.
3. Easy to use.
4. Referral system is very good.
5. Very large range of matches.

Refer and Earn System
Refer and Earn system of Gamezy app is very good as it gives you ₹150 for each referral. Whenever you have a referral and they play a game you will receive your referral amount.

Better than Dream11 ?
Yes the referral system of Gamezy is better than dream11 as dream11 gives you only ₹100 for each referral and that money will be credited in your account as the 10% of the played amount of your referral.

For example:- your referral played 100₹ contest then you will receive ₹10 and that will continue until you get ₹100 from that referral.
But in Gamezy app you will receive₹100 on the first game played of your referral you will not have to wait for your referral to play again and again.

How Yo Refer and Earn
1. Open the app.
2. Go-to Refer option.
3. You will see referral panel.
4. Share your referral code.
5. You can have unlimited referrals.
6. Share and earn unlimited.

How To Play Fantasy Game.
To play fantasy game is not new it is very simple as you see other apps you will have to create team, join leagues, add money if you have insufficient amount in your account.
That is all about playing fantasy game and I don’t think that you don’t know how to create team and play.
Just create your team and start winning on Gamezy app.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount
The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₹200 only as other Fantasy Applications.


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