VClip App Review :- Refer And Earn 20₹

Vclip app refer and earn Rs. 20 for each referral and also earn Rs. 100 as Signup bonus. Similar to Rozdhan App, Bermi App etc. Earn free PayTm cash on VClip app daily. You will just have to do some simple tasks and you can earn handy money daily.Best App To Earn PayTm cash. This is the suitable app for students or any person who loves to click pictures and make videos also who is very social type. All you have to do is share posts on social media, share your videos or pictures on this app. You will get views and likes and will get real PayTm cash.

Best App To Earn PayTm cash

How To Signup?

1. Download the app here.
2. Click on me option.
3. Enter your details.
4. Complete registration as followed.
5. Registration completed.
6. You will get Rs. 20.
7. Complete your profile and earn more money.
8. Many more tasks to do.
9. Complete all and you will have Rs. 100 in your account.

Ways To Earn On Vclip App

1. Invite and Earn
Invite friends on Vclip app and earn Rs.10 for each friend you refer.
Update: Invite 2 friends and earn Rs. 50 and after that get Rs. 30.
2. Share Status
Share status from Vclip app and earn 60 Coin for each share. User can share upto 60 times a day that means user can earn upto 3600 coins per day by sharing status.
3. Share Vclip
You can also share Vclip  and earn 30 coins for each share. Share Vclip 30 times per day.
4. Post Status
Post your own status on app and earn 20 Coins for each posts and you can post daily 20 times.
5. Browse status
Browse status and get 250 coins.
6. Play Quiz
Play quiz daily and get 30 coins.
7. Create Magic Status.
Create magic status and earn 20 Coins.
8. Read Push Status
Read push status and get 45 coins.
9. Login bonus
User can earn coin by just daily login.

What is Coin?

Coin is the digital currency of Vclip app.
Coin conversion into rupees.
10 coins = Rs.1
100 coins = Rs. 10

Minimum Redeemption

The minimum coins you can redeem is 3,000 coins. That means you can redeem minimum of Rs.300.