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You can play this app on the Amazon app,

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Amazon Daily Quiz Questions & Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 18 November Win 40000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (C) Japan
  2. Answer: (C) Namibia
  3. Answer: (B) Dune
  4. Answer: (A) Mr. Potato Head
  5. Answer: (A) China

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 17 November Win 15000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (B) Journalists
  2. Answer: (B) Zika virus
  3. Answer: (C) Shaheen Shah Afridi
  4. Answer: (A) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Answer: (A) Switzerland

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 15 November Win 5000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (A) Tik Tok
  2. Answer: (C) Serena Williams
  3. Answer: (D) Operation London Bridge
  4. Answer: (B) Wales
  5. Answer: (A) Amelia Earhart

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 13 November Win 20000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (B) Civil Aviation
  2. Answer: (A) Ravi Shastri
  3. Answer: (D) Assam
  4. Answer: (A) Michelangelo
  5. Answer: (A) Blue Ribbon Sports

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 12 November Win 30000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (C) Ali Daei
  2. Answer: (B) Ather
  3. Answer: (D) Ethereum
  4. Answer: (A) Edward Munch
  5. Answer: (A) Manchester United

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 10 November Win 40000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (B) Resilience
  2. Answer: (A) Mumbai
  3. Answer: (A) Blackpink
  4. Answer: (A) Nadia Comaneci
  5. Answer: (A) Gotham City

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 7 November Win 5000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (B) Indo-Pak Express
  2. Answer: (C) Bhavai
  3. Answer: (C) Indian Airforce
  4. Answer: (A) Stockholm
  5. Answer: (B) Badami

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 3 November Win 1000 Pay Balance

  1. Answer: (B) Uttarakhand
  2. Answer: (A) Ryder Cup
  3. Answer: (B) Rami Malek
  4. Answer: (A) Chicago
  5. Answer: (C) Mauritius

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 29 October Win 25000 Pay Balance

  • Answer: (C) Germany
  • Answer: (A) Old Trafford
  • Answer: (B) Eternals
  • Answer: (A) Hazelnut
  • Answer: (C) Thailand

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 28 October Win 1000 Pay Balance

Q1: In 1977, an organisation abbreviated as NAVS established a day to promote a certain eating habit. What day was established?

Answer: (B) World Vegetarian Day

Q2: The celebration of the marriage between the crown prince of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen in 1810 led to what annual occasion?

Answer: (A) Oktoberfest

Q3: In the movie ‘Bell Bottom’ which of these actors plays a RAW agent?

Answer: (C) Akshay Kumar

Q4: In the 2019 Women’s World Cup for this sport, who placed second?

Answer: (A) Netherlands

Q5: This is the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pattadakal located in which Indian state?

Answer: (B) Karnataka

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 26 October Win 1000 Pay Balance

  • Answer: (A) International Translation Day
  • Answer: (C) Jason Roy
  • Answer: (B) Diwali
  • Answer: (A) Solar Eclipse
  • Answer: (A) 12 min

Q1: 30th September- the day of the feast of St Jerome was adopted in 2017 by the United Nations as what international day?

Answer: (A) International Translation Day

Q2: David Warner was recently dropped from the Sunrisers Hyderabad XI. Which international opener made his Sunrisers debut in his place?

Answer: (C) Jason Roy

Q3: The release of Rohit Shetty’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ would be during which festival in 2021?

Answer: (B) Diwali

Q4: What is this phenomenon called when the moon comes in between of the sun and the earth?

Answer: (A) Solar Eclipse

Q5: Guess how long is one quarter of this game in the NBA if the whole game finishes in 4 quarters?

Answer: (A) 12 min

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 18 Oct

  • Answer: (B) e-RUPI
  • Answer: (B) KJ Alphons
  • Answer: (A) MGM
  • Answer: (C) Kenya
  • Answer: (C) French

Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz answers 16th OCT

  • Answer 1: Dwight
  • Answer 2: Ghost
  • Answer 3: Crystal Duck
  • Answer 4: The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Answer 5: Tokyo

Amazon daily quiz answers today (October 15th), win Rs 40,000

  • Answer 1: Bitcoin
  • Answer 2: Malaysia
  • Answer 3: ROC
  • Answer 4: BTS
  • Answer 5: Venus

Amazon daily quiz answers today (October 13th), win Rs 30,000

  • Answer 1: Copenhagen
  • Answer 2: Comirnaty
  • Answer 3: Naomi Osaka
  • Answer 4: Tangled
  • Answer 5: Rowley Jefferson

Amazon Daily Quiz today: questions and answers for October 3rd

Question 1: Narali Purnima, an important festival in the coastal regions of India is also known by which of these names?

Answer: Coconut Day

Question 2: Corbevax is the name of a COVID-19 vaccine that was developed by which pharmaceutical firm?

Answer: Biological E

Question 3: The Men’s 200 M at the Tokyo Olympics was won by a sprinter from which country?

Answer: Canada

Question 4: This is the EVO, a famous car model from which brand?

Answer: Lamborghini 

Question 5: This is the rec-reaction of a fight between two famous Marvel Characters, seen in which movie?

Answer: Civil War

Amazon Daily Quiz today: questions and answers for October 2nd

Question 1: F-Pace, I-Pace and F-Type are models of cars from which famous brand?

Answer: Jaguar

Question 2: Kieron Pollard is the captain of which franchise in the Caribbean Premier League?

Answer: Trinbago Knight Riders

Question 3: Directed by Ahmed Khan and scheduled to release towards the end of 2021, Heropanti 2 stars which actress in the female lead?

Answer: Tara Sutaria

Question 4: Name this popular variety of flowers?

Answer: Marigold

Question 5: This painting is located at the Van Gogh Museum located in which city?

Answer: Amsterdam

Amazon Quiz Answers 1st October

1. Win Up to Rs 20,000 Pay Balance

Q1) Raksha Bandhan was observed in India on which of these days in 2021?

Ans: August 22

Q2) Lionel Messi who has recently joined Paris St Germain, will wear which jersey number at his new club?

Ans: 30

Q3) Yelena Belova, is an elite spy who received her training in the Red Room, the same organisation who trained which of these spies?

Ans: Natasha Romanoff

Q4) What is the name of the daughter of this famous entrepreneur and Chrisann Brennan?

Ans: Lisa

Q5) In 2012, Sarah- a member of this species, completed a distance of 100 Metres in how many seconds?

Ans: 5.95

Amazon Quiz Answers 30 September:

1. Win Up to Rs 20,000 Pay Balance

Q1) In India, Akshay Urja Day is celebrated on 20th August to raise awareness about what?

Ans: Renewable resources of energy

Q2) Nishad Kumar won a silver medal for India at the Tokyo Paralympics in which of these events?

Ans: Men’s high jump T47

Q3) One of the upcoming Marvel movies to be released this year is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the ___ Rings. Fill in the blanks

Ans: Ten

Q4) This is a famous tourist spot located in which European country?

Ans: Greece

Q5) Which of these is a space exploration firm owned by this gentleman?

Ans: Virgin Galactic

How To Play Today Quiz:

1) Firstly download the Amazon app from the Android market.

2) Secondly, Google Play will automatically install the app on your Android Phone.

3) Now open the app by tapping on its icon.

4) Now login or create a new account on the Amazon app.

5) After that, you will see a Quiz time banner on the top, click on it, or search FUN ZONE in the search bar.

6) Now start the quiz and answer 5 – 8 questions (All answers are shown above).

7) Then Read each question carefully and answer It and checking the above-given answers.

8) There will be a total of four options In every question.

9) Now If you are Eligible To Win, you will receive an email from Amazon.