Dream11 Play Fantasy Cricket

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Dream11 is worlds famous fantasy sports platform. Just create your fantasy team and join the leagues and get a chance to win real cash. There is no 100% chances of winning as well as loss.

You can win as per your predictions. You can also earn 100rs per referral and you get 100rs Signup bonus if you use the referral code. To use referral code you will need to download the Dream11 App.
Dream11 gives you the opportunity to create your own team & playFantasy Cricket, Football, Kabbadi and NBA and win huge cash prizes. Dream11 is available on the web and also on your smartphone. So you can create and play fantasy cricket on the go. But, to get your Rs. 100 cash bonus you need to register with Dream11 App.
How To Get Signup Bonus
1. Download The Dream11 App for Android or Apple
2. On the Register & Play page, scroll down and tap INVITED BY A FRIEND.

On the next page, Enter SUDHA3709DE and click APPLY. You’ll get Rs. 40 and the rest Rs 60 on verifying your mobile number & email.

How Dream11 Works (Cricket)

Create Your Fantasy Team:

You are the SELECTOR. You create your own team.
You can select maximum 11 players from both the teams between whom the match is.
You can select maximum 7 players from one team, for example, if the match is between IND and AUS, you can select maximum 7 players from IND or AUS.
There is also a limit on the maximum number of all-rounders, batsman and bowler you can select.
Your team can consist of maximum and minimum of:

3 All-Rounder
5 Batsman
5 Bowler
1 Keeper
From the selected players you’ll need to choose the Captain and Vice Captain. You’ll get 2x (double) points for Captain and 1.5x points for Vice-Captain:
For a match, you can create as much as teams.
You can review your team and change any player or C and VC 1 hour before the match begins.
Taking Part In Leagues.
1. After creating your team you can now take part in the leagues available for the perticular match.
2. You can also create your own league and share yiur referral code with friends to join.
3. Winnings will depend on your rank.
Refer and Earn 100rs
You can also earn 100rs per referral and your friend will also get 100rs instantly.
How It works

The more they play, the bigger your bonus!
Verify your phone no.

Share your invite code with your friends.

Share your invite code with your friends.
Ensure that they verify their phone no.
Get a bonus every time they join a cash contest.
Your cash bonus = 1/3rd of your friends’ entry fees (up to Rs.100)
Example: You will get Rs.10 cash bonus if your friends’ entry fees are Rs.30

Rules Of FairPlay

What are the rules of FairPlay?
  • You cannot create multiple accounts
  • You cannot misuse your invite code in any way
  • You cannot misuse your cash bonus in any way
What happens when:
  • You misuse your Invite Code by creating multiple accounts:
  • You misuse the cash bonus and win contests: