Intemiles Quiz: Play & Win Amazon Vouchers Every Week


InterMiles is the Daily Lifestyle and Rewards application available on the play store.

Intermiles Points Benefits

  • Intermiles Quiz a Thon
  • 1 Intermiles = Rs.1
  • Redeem Points For Products
  • Redeem Points For Bookings
  • Every Week Quiz Answers

In fact:

I received Rs 100 Amazon voucher for redeeming the Intermiles.

Intermiles is a Loyalty and rewards brand; it rewards you every time on your daily activities, including shopping, dining, and travelling.

Moreover, you will earn miles (reward) in your wallet by playing quiz contests, In-app games, flight booking, hotel booking, and more.

Furthermore, you can invite your friends by using the Intermiles referral program. About InterMiles App

Currently, when you play Intermiles Quiz-a-thon on the app, then you will get 50 miles. These credits can be redeemed as Amazon, Flipkart vouchers, merchandise, online subscriptions, hotel booking, dine, and flight booking.

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers

Intermiles quiz a thon answers today 7th October – 13th October

Answer a minimum of 4 questions correctly and get 50 intermiles (or) Raffle ticket. Remember Questions are not the same for everyone.

Mostly they will ask from these 8 questions.

  1. Boliviano, the bolivian currency, was earned after which historical figure?

Reply: Simon Bollvar

2.  Which one of these currencies isn’t Real?

Reply: Wofo

3. Real is the currency of which country?

Reply: Brazil

4. The Australian dollar is the official currency of which Pacific nation?

Reply: Tuvalu

Also, answer Amazon quiz answers today

5. If you are spending money in Nicaragua, which of the below currencies would you be using?

Reply: Cordoba

6. Which one of these countries uses two currencies at the same time?

Reply: Cuba

7. Which one of the following would you use in Samoa?

Reply: Samoan Tala

we tried with different accounts but we are missing the last question.


Intermiles Quiz Answers:

1. Play & Win Amazon Vouchers (23rd September – 30th September 2021)

Q1)  The show “the good doctor” is shot in which city?

Ans: Vancouver

Q2) Akash in “Dil Chahta hai” goes to?

Ans: Australia

Q3) In F,R,I,E,N,D,S where where Ross and Emily going to get married?

Ans: London

Q4) If you were in the the Bollywood movie “Queen”, where would you meet Lis Haydon’s character?

Ans: Paris

Q5) Phunsuk Wangdu, in 3 idiots taches in an engineering school based in the mountains of?

Ans: Ladakh

Q6) The popular TV show “Money Heist” is based in which country?

Ans: Spain

Q7) Ishaan, in Taare Zameer Par, is criticised by his parents for his poor academic performance and is sent away to a boarding school based in?

Ans: Panchgani

Q8) In English Vinglish, Sridevi travels to which state in the USA to meet her eldest sister?

Ans: New York

Some Rules to get you started

  • Remember, Guess What? can be played only once in this week
  • In Guess What?, you’ve to guess the answer based on cues and jumbled letters
  • Your chance to earn InterMiles is more when you answer all questions correct
  • Once you start, you will not be allowed to skip or go back to a previous question
  • If you cancel, you will not be able to win InterMiles or start a fresh round
  • You will get 90 seconds to complete this quiz

How to Play Quiz Intermiles Quiz:

1) Firstly, download the Intermiles app from the Offer Page.

2) Then, register a new account on the app and then verify our mobile number.

3) Then go to the setting option > account option > profile > and complete your profile.

4) Now, come back to the Intermiles app dashboard and then look for Intermiles everyday section.

5) After that, click on the view-all option and then search for the Intermiles Quiz-a-thon banner.

6) After finding the banner, click on it and then click on “Start quiz” > Let’s begin.

7) Also, all the Intermiles contest answers are given above, so select only the correct answers.

8) You will get 59 seconds to give one answer in the Intermiles Quiz-a-thon contest.

9) After that, your 50 miles will reflect in your account within seven days.

10) Then, you can redeem the miles through various available options.

How To Register At Intermiles App

  1. Download the Intermiles App.
  2. Tap On Signup Button.
  3. Enter Your Number and and Email Id and click on Verify button.
  4. Verify mobile number with OTP and click on Create Profile.
  5. Now Enter your Name and click on Signup button.
  6. Create Password and click on Submit button.
  7. You will get your Intermiles number and click Continue button.