Mesha App Review Apk Download Signup Bonus Rs.300 Predict and Win


Mesha App Review Apk Download Signup Bonus Rs.300 Predict and Win

Mesha is new prediction app and quiz app where the users can earn money without investment because you can predict and win without adding a single penny into your mesha account and also can invest in stocks like you do in Upstox and Gromo App.

Signup now at Mesha App and get Rs.50 as Signup Bonus and also Rs.300 and Stockcard and also invite users to earn more Stockcard for each referral. The best part about mesha app that you can join challenges without investment as they are providing free entries and also there is a league with 100% winners in the challenge.

About Mesha App

App NameMesha
Signup BonusRs.50
Referral CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.50
Minimum PayoutRs.300
Payout OptionsPaytm/Bank

How To Get Started Mesha App

1. Download the Mesha App.

2. Install and Open the App.

3. Click on Signup Button.

4. Choose Create Account.

5. Enter your email address and password and click on continue button.

6. Enter your name and mobile number and tap on create an account button.

7. Choose username and click on Submit button.

8. You are on your dashboard now.

How To Get Rs.300 Signup Bonus

You will earn Rs.50 signup bonus by just creating your account at Mesha App. Those tasks are available for becoming Meshawarrior. You will have to do 7 tasks to earn Rs.300 and Rs.50 as Signup bonus those tasks are available in the discover label.

Steps To Complete Tasks

  1. Open the Mesha App.
  2. Choose Discover option.
  3. Scroll down and click on See All Tasks.
  4. There will be 7 Tasks Given In The List

All The 7 Tasks List 1 by 1

1. Play a Quiz

Your first task is to play quiz and you will have to play quiz to complete this task.

Quiz can be free or paid depends on you. I will suggest you to play free quiz to complete the tasks.

I have given the steps to play quiz in Mesha App below in the Quiz Section but i will explain here i short.

  1. Go to Challenges tab.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. click on Quizzes.
  4. Choose any free quiz
  5. Answers the questions.

2. Follow These Users

You will have to follow some of the Mesha’s most popular users in this task.

There will be 4 People you will need to follow on Mesha App.

Just tap on follow button to follow them.

After you followed all 4 of them your task will be completed

Now go back and head towards 3rd task.

3. Refer a Friend

You refer your friend you and your friend both will get Rs.50 instantly when they register at Mesha App.

You will have to refer atleast 1 friend to complete the 3rd task and then you can get forward to the 4th one.

you can also earn Rs.300 by completing the 7 Tasks.

By inviting friends you will earn 1 stockcard and your friends will earn Rs.50 and 1 stockcard for using your referral link for downloading the Mesha App.

4. Link or Create Your Demat Account

You will have to link you demat account that you have created on other applications like Upstox.

If you don’t have demat account then you can create one also.

How to Link you Demat Account

  1. Open the Discover option.
  2. Go To Meshawarrior Tasks.
  3. Go To Link You demat account or open an account.
  4. Tap on Link Account.
  5. Follow the steps and your account will be linked.

5. Open a Crypto Account

Now you will have to open an Crypto Account

  1. Tap on Open button.
  2. Choose your proof of address and upload then press continue button.
  3. Upload the Pan Card and Press continue.
  4. Take a Selfie and press continue.
  5. You account will take some time to get verified.

6. Join Challenge

Now join your first challenge to complete the 6th task in the list.

  1. Go To Challenges.
  2. Tap on stocks or Crypto.
  3. Choose any free challenge from the list.
  4. Answer the question.

7. Join These Teams

You will have to join teams on Mesha App.

There will be 3 teams you have to join by tapping on join button.

Those Three Teams are

  1. Mesha play
  2. Intro to Stocks
  3. Into to Crypto

All the 7 tasks are completed now and you can win Rs.300 and also can predict and win real cash.

you can also refer and earn free stockcard and your friends will also get the same and also Rs.300.

Types Of Earning at Mesha App

1. Stocks

You can predict about stocks in the app and earn real money if your prediction is right you will win real cash.

Predict about the stocks the the stock will rise or fall.

How much they will fall or rise.

Which stock will rise more from the given stocks.

every challenges have different questions and you will have to answer accordingly.

Play daily Stocks challenges and get a chance to win real cash.

2. Crypto

The option are available in Crypto are same as the option in the Stocks.

Predict the prizes of the crypto and win real cash.

3. Quizzes

Play daily quiz at Mesha App and earn money online.

4. Spin The Wheel

Spin the wheel daily and get 1 Stock for free for spinning the wheel for 7 days.

5. Refer and Earn

Refer your friends and get free stockcard for each referral and your friends will get Rs.300 for using your referral link to download the app.

You can refer as many as people you want and can win as many as stockcads.

How To Refer your Friends

  1. Open the Mesha App.
  2. Go to Discover.
  3. Now tap on Refer a Friend.
  4. You referral link will be shared with friends.
  5. Share your referral link on social media.

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