QUREKA Referral Code SUDHAN963651 Refer and Earn Rs.10

QUREKA Referral Code SUDHAN963651 Refer and Earn Rs.10
QUREKA Referral Code SUDHAN963651 Refer and Earn Rs.10

Qureka App Referral Code SUDHAN963651
Qureka referral code SUDHAN963651. Here we are back with another play quiz and win real Paytm Cash. Get 10Rs now and free coins for free if you use my referral code while registering yourself.

About Qureka

Qureka is a daily live quiz show app and now it also offers Predict and win on IPL matches not like Fantasy app but its good. Play daily quiz competes in the live quiz and gets a chance to win 100000Rs per quiz. Play quiz in every half an hour and win cash prizes. All the contests are free and not require any entry fee. Some quizzes are to win Coins and some are to win cash prizes.
I an playing Qureka now to win 10 lakh monthly if you also want to win then join Qureka now and use referral code SUDHAN963651 to get the Signup bonus.

How to get Signup Bonus?

  1. Download the app here.
  2. Open the app now.
  3. Enter your details.
  4. Enter referral code SUDHAN963651 and verify your number with OTP.
  5. You will get Rs.10 and also will get 30 Coins.

How to earn money on Qureka App

1. Live Quiz
2. Cricket Prediction
3. Refer and Earn

1. Live Quiz

Live quiz is to be played at the interval of 30 min the whole day. Play live quiz and win Paytm cash daily.
There is a Mega Contest every month. So what are you waiting for start playing today.

2. Cricket Prediction

Cricket prediction is a new feature added to the app. here user has to predict about the IPL matches. You need to answer some questions and according to your rank, the Prize is distributed.
There are to type of entry in every IPL Match Prediction.
1. Free Entry
2. Entry by 50Coins

2.1 What are the Coins?

  1. Coins are the digital currency of Qureka app which is used to enter in the quiz and predictions as well.
  2. You can use coins in the live quiz to get revive if your answer is wrong.
  3. 30 Coins for each revive.

2.2 How to earn Coins?

  1. Watch videos and earn coins.
  2. Play live quiz and earn coins.
  3. Predict and win coins.

3. Refer and Earn

  1. Refer your friends and earn 10rs for each friend referred by you and you will also get 50% of your referrals winning amount.
  2. you will get 10Rs when your referral use your referral code while register and play the live quiz for the first time.

Cricket Prediction Prize Distribution.

Point System

Live Quiz Rules
1. You get 10 (or more) questions per game. Answer each question within 10 seconds.
2. There are 3 answer options for each question.
3. Click the right option within 10 seconds
4. Answer all questions correctly in time to win
5. Prize money is then split equally amongst all winners
6. In case of no winners, the prize money gets rolled over to the next game.
7. Coins save you from elimination.
8. 30 coins will get automatically applied in case of 1 wrong answer until the last question.
9. Coins will not get applied in the last question.
10. Play Mini Quiz to earn coins
11. You can watch videos too for earning coins.
12. Keep sufficient coins in your wallet. Some quizzes may have entry through coins.
13. All winners get their prize money in their Paytm account automatically
14. Play all the questions till the end to earn 10 bonus coins.
Referral Policy:
1. Refer a friend and get Rs. 10 for each successful referral.
2. Referral amount gets added to your referral wallet when your friend plays for the 1st time.
3. You should have minimum Rs.30 in your referral wallet to be able to transfer the amount to your Paytm account.
4. If you refer a friend and he/she wins a game, you too get 50% of the winning prize.
6. You too should have played the game that your friend won to be eligible to get 50% of the winning prize.
7. If you did not play the same game, you do not qualify for the 50% friends winning prize.
Rules: Mini Quiz
1. You get 3 questions per game to answer correctly.
2. For each right answer you earned 10 coins.
3. You can watch a video after the Mini Quiz and earn extra coin.
4. No coins are applied in case of wrong answer in the mini quiz.
Rules: Mega Quiz:
Mega quiz offers higher prize money and special offers like additional referral bonus, 50% of your friends winning even if you play and lose etc. from time to time.