Teen Patti Baaz App Download, New Teen Patti 2022


Teen Patti Baaz App Download New Teen Patti 2022

Teen Patti Baaz App Download

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teen patti baaz
Teen Patti Baaz

Teen Patti Baaz App is the new teen patti app recently launched in 2022. Teen Patti Baaz is the Multiplayer online Card Games app. where you can play many online Gambling Card games and win real money and withdraw your income in your bank account without any transfer fee.

Download Teen Patti Baaz app and get Rs.15 as registration bonus and invite your friends to earn 30% from their tax amount for lifetime. Withdraw the referral income direct in in your bank account or use your UPI to get your income. Royally Rummy Apk Download New Royally Rummy App

Teen Patti Baaz App have many games that you can play like Rummy, Teen Patti, Dragon Vs Tiger Games and many other games which are available in this app.

About Teen Patti Baaz Apk

Teen Patti Baaz Apk is a multi tasking and multi purpose apk. The Teen Patti Apk have many online gambling games and Casino Games also, You will get Rs.51 as Registration bonus in Teen Patti Baaz Apk. This apk is launched and created by MYLOCK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

I am using the Teen Patti Baaz Apk from January Month of 2022 and getting good response from all the users of this Baaz Rummy Apk. The Rummy Baaz App have many online earning options Including Refer and Earn options and many online gambling games are also available.

App NameTeen Patti Baaz
Signup BonusRs.51
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.40
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Teen Patti Baaz App

The most exciting feature of this Teen Patti Baaz is you can get Progress Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus, Level Bonus etc.

Teen Patti Baaz App Payment Proof

The Money that you’re an by inviting your friends are hundred percent usable and you can also withdraw the bonus in a bank account without any withdrawal fee. Teen Patti Baaz app have many rewards like daily rewards, weekly rewards, monthly reward, referral reward etc.

Teen Patti Baaz App can be said similar to the app named as Teen Patti joy, Rummy modern, Rummy Nabob, Rummy gold, Rummy wealth. Many more you can also view or Read the list of best rummy applications of 2022

This can be said as one of the best Teen Patti app in 2022 which is launch few days ago in January. this is totally free app you don’t have to pay anything.

Here you have the chance to win weekly bonus of rupees upto 2 lakh without any investment. all you have to do is just invite your friends and ask them to play paid games they will and will also an referral income more the referral income you earn more the weekly bonus You earn.

How To Get Registration Bonus In Teen Patti Baaz

1. Click here for teen patti baaz website.

2. Tap on download button to download the teen patti baaz app.

3. Install and open the app.

4. You will be logged directly as guest.

5. Tap on user icon and click on bound button.

6. Enter your details and verify your number with an OTP.

7. You have Rs.15 in your account now.

There is a wide range of learning ways in Teen Patti application you can play games or you can invite your friends to earn money the best game you can play is dragon vs tiger here is the tips to play Dragon vs tiger and win more than 5000 rupees daily.

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How To Become A VIP Member In TeenPatti Baaz App, Rummy Baj Vip

In Teen Patti Baaz Apps, you also get the facility of VIP Bonus. Under VIP Bonus, you are given Sign In Bonus Weekly Bonus Monthly Bonus level bonus. If you want to avail the benefit of VIP Bonus, then you have to recharge ₹ 500 first. Your VIP Bonus gets activated when you recharge ₹100. Once the VIP Bonus is activated, you can claim Sign In Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus and Level Bonus.

Daily Bonus In Teen Patti Baaz

You get a great features of Daily Bonus to get free bonus in this application. You can get some free bonus every day with the help of this feature. In Daily Bonus features, you are not being given any fixed bonus from the company. Here you can claim free bonus every day by claiming daily bonus. Here you can get free bonus ranging from ₹ 1 to ₹ 100 from the company’s side.

New* – Super Rebate Program IN Baaz Teen Patti

Friends, you get Super Rebate Program one of the best features in this application. These features will be more useful for these people who want to earn money by playing games. When you place a bet while playing any game in this application, if you lose the bet here, you get a cashback offer ranging from 4% to 22%. This way you can get cashback commission even if you lose the game.

  1. 300+       4%
  2. 1000+      7%
  3. 5000+       10%
  4. 10000+.      13%
  5. 50000+         16%
  6. 100000+.        19%
  7. 500000.           22%

Teen Patti Baaz Dragon Vs Tiger

Play Dragon vs Tiger game at Teen Patti Baaz app and earn unlimited money from this app and this is the best teen patti gaming game that will make you rich in just few days and few steps.

First of all you must add Chips into your account. Add at least 500 Chips in your account to play this game effectively and win more and more without any loss the reason behind adding chips you will understand when you will see the trick to play Dragon vs Tiger.

How To Add Chips in Teen Patti Baaz App

  1. Open the teen patti baaz app.
  2. Tap on add chips button.
  3. Choose 500 from the list and tap on add cash button.
  4. Complete the payment and come back in the app.

Now you have added 500 chips in your account So, now click on Dragon vs Tiger game.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Trick Win Unlimited

  1. Bet Rs.10 only on the Tiger or Dragon.
  2. See the result if you win then repeat the same bet.
  3. Or if you loose then bet with 3X of the amount i.e Rs.30 on the same animal.
  4. Repeat the bets with 3X if you loose again and again.
  5. When ever your animal will win Dragon or Tiger you will make all your losses into profit.

By using this trick you can win unlimited money daily like i have won in the Teen Patti Joy App.

Easiest Way To Invite Friends And Earn Money From TeenPatti Baaz

In 3 Patti Baaz Apps, if you want, you can easily earn up to ₹ 10000 per month by promoting this application only. In this application, you get a bonus of ₹ 10 for joining 1 people. Apart from this, if the person you have joined adds money to his account, then you get 30% commission. That is, if that person adds ₹ 1000 to his account, then you will get 30% of his commission i.e. ₹ 300.

To Earn Referrals Commission, you have to invite your friends and relatives to join this application by copying your referral link. Or you can share your referral link on social media website like Facebook Instagram Twitter and more people. You can invite to join. The more people join this application through your referral link, the more income you will get.

Teen Patti Baaz Refer and Earn

Refer your friends to download the teen patti baaz app and they will get Rs.15 as registration bonus and you will get 30% of the tax amount of your friend.

The tax amount income is for lifetime whenever your friends will play the games you will win real cash and you can withdraw the referral income direct into your bank account without any withdrawal fee.

There is no limit on referrals that means you can invite as many as friends and family members you want and laso you can use social media to get more and more referrals to earn more money at Teen Patti Baaz App.

How To Refer and Earn Teen Patti Baaz

  1. Open the Teen Patti Baaz App.
  2. Tap on refer and earn button.
  3. Choose share button.
  4. You referral link will be copied.
  5. Share your referral link with friends and family.
  6. more you invite more you earn.

Teen Patti Baaz Share and Earn

Share the teen patti baaz app and earn extra income which is different then Referral income. Here is the condition for Share and Earn for each referral who Add Cash Rs.1000 or more into their account you will earn Rs.200 – Rs.250 from each referrals.

Teen Patti Baaz App Gives us the maximum amount of share and earn rewards as every other apps are giving Rs.100 only after 2nd referral but Teen Patti Baaz app will give Rs.250 for each valid referral in share and earn section.

You can earn unlimited money in teen patti baaz app by share and earn option like we earn in Refer and Earn Section.

Weekly Bonus at Teen Patti Baaz

Like i have already told you that you can win weekly bonus like i win at Teen Patti Joy app and Rummy Modern app and the weekly bonus is Upto Rs.2 lakh and the minimum Weekly bonus is Rs.500.

Weekly bonus is depended on the referral income that you earn by your referrals weekly. More you earn from your referrals more the weekly bonus will be.

Minimum Payout

Rs.100 is the minimum amount that you can redeem.

Payment Method

There are two payment methods available which is Bank Account and UPI.

Instant Withdraw Money From Teen Patti Baaz

If the users want to withdraw the money from this Baaz Rummy Apk then they must have to ensure that you have reached the minimum redeem amount in the rummy app. The new rummy earning app have the minimum Redeem amount is Just Rs.100. You know that you will get Rs.51 bonus in the Teen Patti Baaz Apk so you can easily reach the withdraw amount and claim your amount in your bank account.


If the users want to withdraw their earning through IMPS then they will have to add the Bank details in the app and their amount will be transferred into their account using IMPS instantly.

  1. Open the Baaz Rummy Apk.
  2. Tap on withdraw button.
  3. Choose Bank option from tab.
  4. Click on +bankaccount option.
  5. Enter your bank details and save.
  6. Enter the amount to withdraw.
  7. Tap on withdraw button now.


The users have also a choice to redeem the income from new rummy app using the UPI option in Dhamal Rummy 51 Bonus apk that is also usable in games and quite easy to use as well. Start the steps for my users so that you all can withdraw easily.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Baaz Apk.
  2. Tap on withdraw button.
  3. Choose UPI option from tab.
  4. Click on +UPI option.
  5. Enter your UPI details and save.
  6. Enter the amount to withdraw.
  7. Tap on withdraw button now

How To Play Base Ball Game IN Teen Patti Baaz App

Base Ball Game IN Teen Patti Baaz App

If you are going to download Teen Patti Baaz App, here you are going to get a new update. If you have already downloaded this application, then you should update this application immediately. In this application the company has launched Base Ball Game. You can enjoy Base Ball Game here.

If you want to play this game then here you can not play this game for free. If you want to play this game then you have to take VIP 1 subscription. If you convert your account to vip1 subscription then you can enjoy this game.

[Loot*] First Deposit 10% Cash Back Offer

In this application, at this time every user is being given a separate cashback offer of 10% on adding payment. If you also want to earn money by playing games in this application. You just add the payment to your application and avail 10% cashback separately. You will get the cashback that you already get, as well as you will get 10% cashback more.

What Is Safe Option In Teen Patti Baaz APK

safe option in teen patti baaz

The money you earn by winning games in this application. Or if you do not want to transfer the free bonus that you get here to your account, then you can keep that balance secure here by transferring it to this option. After this, whenever you want, you can transfer this real cash or bonus to your account. This option will prove to be very useful features for you.

Ranking Features In 3 Patti Baaz

If you earn money by playing games from this application. These features are going to prove to be very useful for all of you users. You can get free cash prize here with the help of this feature. Here you get a ranking from number one to number 10. As you continue to perform well in gaming, your ranking will increase. The company gives cash prize every month to the top 3 users.

Mail Features In Baaz 3 Patti APK

In Baaz 3 Patti APK you get mail features. With the help of this pictures, you can get all the information about the upcoming new updates and new features in this application. Whenever a new update comes in this application or any new features are launched by the company, then the company notifies you with the help of mail features.

How to get Customer Support in Teen Patti Baaz App

In this application, you also get the option of customer support to solve any kind of problem. If you want, you can talk to their customer support officer through chat. Apart from this, you also get WhatsApp number in this application. You can also talk to the customer officer through WhatsApp chatting.

  • WhatsApp Number –  +63 9695016637

Teen Patti Baaz App Download FAQ

Q.1. What is the minimum withdrawal of Teen Patti Baaz?
Ans. The Minimum Withdrawal is ₹50

Q.2. What is the Sign-Up Bonus in Baaz Teen Patti App?
Ans. Baaz Teen Patti App has ₹25 Sign-Up Bonus.

Q.3. What is the maximum withdrawal in Baaz Teen Patti App?
Ans. The Minimum Withdrawal is Rs.50,000/-

Q.4. How many types of games are available in Teen Patti Baaz Apk?
Ans. Various types of games are available in Baaz Teen Patti App

Q.5. What is the minimum amount that can be added for Teen Patti Baaz App?
Ans. The Minimum Add Money is Rs.11 /-

Q.6. How many times can I take Withdraw in a day?
Ans. Withdrawal is Up To 5 Times a Day

Q.7. How long does withdrawal take?
Ans. The Minimum Withdraw Time is 5-10 minutes

Q.8. How To Download Teen Patti Baaz Apk?
Ans. To download this app, we have made a download button by clicking on which you can download this app through the official website.

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