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Teen Patti Live Apk Download 3 Patti Online Poker Referral Code

Teen Patti Live
Teen Patti Live Referral Code 797213

Teen Patti Live Apk: Hello ReferralCodeApp Readers welcome back again here we have one of the best teen patti app for you guys. This 3 Patti Live Apk has been launched by the Teen Patti Company and here the minimum withdraw is just Rs.100. Anybody can download this apk and get started to earn money by playing games, Inviting friends and other offers are also available. Teen Patti Master Apk Download ₹1200 Bonus | ₹20/Refer

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Teen Patti Live App Is another loot app where you will get Signup bonus of Rs.30 and also you will earn daily login bonus. Other than that you will receive referral income direct into your withdrawal money. Yes, you can withdraw your referral income. The Teen Patti live apk is also available in my best teen patti list and Included in Rummy App list best of 2022 that means it is really good apk for all the users who want a good teen patti cash app.

Download Teen Patti Live and get the signup Bonus Rs.15 when you register using my Referral link and add the referral code after the registration in the Teen Patti Live Apk. So, what are you waiting for download the teen patti live app and start making money online as you will get Registration bonus of Rs.15 then you can play rummy using that amount and also you are going to earn huge referral income because there is three types of referral income available in the Teen Patti Live Apk. I will tell you later in this article. Happy TeenPatti Signup Bonus Rs.10 [Payment Proof]

About Teen Patti Live, Teen Patti Live Apk, Teen Patti Live Cash App

App NameTeen Patti Live
Signup BonusRs.30
Referral Link/CodeLink/ 797213
Referral BonusRs.5 + 5% + 1.5%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Teen Patti Live Referral Code 797213

Teen Patti Live is a new teen patti real cash app which can be used to earn money online. This teen patti live app have the referral code to share with friends so that you can earn money from your referrals. When i downloaded this Teen Patti Apk the referral code was not used and i got Rs.15 only as signup bonus but when you download it from any referral link or use the teen patti live referral code then you will get Rs.30 as Signup Bonus.

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You can earn money from home by using this Teen Patti Apk in your mobile Phone because you will be able to play many online casino games and Teen Patti Live Apk also have online gambling games like Dragon vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy, 7 Up Down, Car Roulette and many other Card games are also available in this teen Patti Cash Game apk.

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How To Download Teen Patti Live App

Here is the method to download the 3patti live app below given step by step you can follow the following tips to download and earn money from teen patti live app.

  1. Click here for teen patti live app website.
  2. Tap on download button to download the app.
  3. Then, You can install the app.
  4. After installation follow the steps to get Registration bonus.

How To Get Registration Bonus at Teen Patti Live App

1. Download the teen patti live app.

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2. Install and Open the app.

3. Enter your mobile number and Tap on Login button.

4. Verify your mobile number with an OTP.

5. Tap on Day1 +1 to get daily login bonus.

6. You have Rs.16 in your wallet now.

7. Click on Refer & Earn button.

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8. Enter Teen Patti Live Referral Code 797213 and Click on Bind button.

9. Then Copy your link and share with friends.

Teen Patti Live Refer and Earn

The Refer and Earn Program of Teen Patti Live App is very good as here you are going to earn commission from your referrals game played amount. They loose or Win it doesn’t matter but your commission will be there and that Invitation Income is also 100% Withdrawable. According to me the best way to earn money in any kind of teen Patti Apk is Refer and Earn system because this reward is very big and everyone loves it as well.

Refer your friends to download the 3patti live app using your referral code and get Rs.5 for each referral also you will earn extra income from your each referral as you will be earning of 5% lifetime of your friends deposit amount and also you will earn 1.5% of the your friends Win or Loose amount.

That means whenever your friends will add cash into the teen patti live app you will get 5% of the deposit amount.

Also when your friends will pplay games and whether they win or loose you will earn 1.5% of their winning or loosing amount. Ofcouse if they win you will earn more but still if they don’t then also you will earn money. The money earning problem is not there for their users because more the referrals you will have in Teen Patti Live more the money you will earn.

Teen Patti Live APk Refer and Earn Unlimited Trick

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Follow the Refer and Earn unlimited trick carefully step by step and if you do not understand then you can also the steps on Hindi for more clarification.

  • Refer app from first mobile to second mobile.
  • Log in with Facebook in another mobile.
  • Then do the blacker data of the app.
  • Click on the Referrer link again, and go to the app’s site.
  • Turn off mobile data. Come to the mobile home screen without downloading the app.
  • Open Clear App again and now login with mobile number.
  • Do this every time. If you want, you can rob every time by creating more new email IDs by creating fake Facebook.
  • If you do not want to rob like this, then you can earn money by referring real friends.
  • Share it with your friends as much as possible.
  • Join more and more whatsapp group, and share in them too.
  • पहला मोबाइल से दुसरे मोबाइल पर ऐप रेफ़र कीजिये.
  • दुसरे मोबाइल में फसेबूक से लॉग इन कीजिये.
  • फिर ऐप का कालेयर डाटा कर दीजिये.
  • फिर से रेफ़र रेफ़र लिंक पर क्लिक कीजिये, और ऐप की साईट पर जाइए.
  • मोबाइल का डाटा बंद कर दीजिये. बिना ऐप डाउनलोड कीजये मोबाइल होम स्क्रीन पर आइये.
  • फिर से क्लेयेर ऐप ओपेन कीजिये और अब मोबाइल नंबर से लॉग इन कीजिये.
  • इसी तरह हर बार कीजिये. आप चाहे तो और अधिक न्यू ईमेल आईडी बनाकर फेक फेसबुक बनाकर हर बार लूट सकते है.
  • यदि आप इस तरह से नहीं लूटना चाहते है तो आप रियल फ्रेंड्स को रेफ़र कर पैसा कमाई कर सकते है.
  • अधिक से अधिक अपने फ्रेंड्स के साथ शेयर कीजिये.
  • अधिक से अधिक व्हात्सप्प ग्रुप ज्वाइन कीजिये, और उनमे भी शेयर कीजिये.

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live app.
  2. Tap on Refer & Earn button.
  3. Then click on Copy link button.
  4. Now share your referral link with friends and family.
  5. you can also share your referral link on social media.

How To Withdraw Referral Income

The money you earn from Teen Patti Live Apk can be withdraw in your bank account using IMPS. You just have to enter the bank details you want to redeem money from Teen Patti Live Apk.

  1. Open the teen patti live app.
  2. Tap on refer and earn button.
  3. Click on My Withdraw Option.
  4. Then tap on Withdraw button.
  5. Minimum Withdraw amount Rs.1 to withdraw from referral income.

Payment Proof

Teen Patti Live Cashback Offers

Here in the cashback tap you will earn the cashback amount for your friends winning or loosing amount.

How To Withdraw Cashback

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live apk.
  2. Tap on Cashback button.
  3. Then tap on Collect Button.
  4. Cashback should be minimum Rs.1.

Add Cash at Teen Patti Live App

You will get 100% extra cash when you add cash into the teen patti live app. Add Cash offers are given below in the App. When you add cash in Teen Patti Live Apk then you will get the cashback in the App.

For Example: If you add Rs.50 in the Teen patti Live apk then you will get Rs.50 in your wallet to play games.

Teen Patti Live Add CAsh Offer

Add AmountExtra AmountTotal Amount

How To Add Cash

  1. Open the teen Patti Live Apk.
  2. Tap On Store button.
  3. Tap on Amount to Add and Tap on Add Cash button.
  4. Choose payment method and Tap on Pay button.
  5. Complete your transaction.
  6. The, you can come back and see You add amount is doubled in your wallet.

Enjoy the 100% cashback to play more games and earn money.

How To Withdraw Cash From Teen Patti Live app

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You can withdraw the money from teen patti live app using your bank account or UPI and you can withdraw minimum Rs.100 in your account from the teen patti app.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live App.
  2. Tap on Withdraw button.
  3. Enter your bank account and UPI.
  4. Choose method to withdraw.
  5. Tap on amount to withdraw.
  6. Then Click on the Withdrawal button.

Minimum Withdraw

  1. Rs.100

Payment Method

  1. UPI
  2. Bank Account

Teen Patti Live FAQ

Q.1 Teen Patti Live Apk is Real or Fake?
Ans. The Teen Patti Live App is totally Real and you can use this rummy earning and make real money.

Q.2 What is the minimum amount that i can Redeem from Teen Patti Live?
Ans. The minimum amount that you can Redeem from Teen patti Live Referral Code app is Just Rs.100.

Q.3 How Many games are there in Teen patti Live app?
Ans. There are total 13-15 online casino games available for their users.

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Q.4 What are the Payment Methods of Teen Patti Live Apk?
Ans. Previously there were two payment methods but bow there is only on IMPS using Bank account.


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