Qeeda Referral Code Rs.10 Signup + Rs.10 Per Referral


Qeeda Referral Code: 10s11937uv

Hi Referralcodeapp readers i hope you all are doing well with the post i share my best applications to make Paytm Cash. Since i have been using those app for so long then i know those can make you some money. Apart from that many other applications are also there by using which you can make some extra income.

Qeeda Game app is for users to make money. You can earn a lot of cash, after referring your friends, you can earn up to Rs 10 per counter, and convert it to real cash by playing LTD10 tournaments. These are very fun and are a very easy way to earn money. You are entitled to real cash in gameplay.

Qeeda is a quiz and puzzle based gaming app. Users can participate and earn real money on Qeeda. Every user who play Qeeda always earns real money or qeeda coins. Qeeda Game App is giving Rs.10 Sign Up Bonus which you can use by playing game and you can earn more.

If the user wins then they get real money and if they don’t then user get Qeeda Coins. Qeeda coins are equal to the real money but users can only use coins for shopping and Money can be transferred to bank account. You can redeem your earning direct into your bank account. You can play more games and earn more money in Qeeda App.

Get Rs.10 For Signup On Qeeda Game App

1. Download the app.
2. Open the app.
3. Enter Your mobile number.

4. Enter your details and referral code as 10s11937uv.

5. Click on Accept & Continue Option.

6. Click on Wallet and you will Rs.10 in your wallet.

7. Play games using that bonus.

Play And Earn

Play games on Qeeda app to earn money. You either win or loose there will be always something for you. If you will win you will earn real cash and if you don’t then you will earn Qeeda Coins where Qeeda Coins are equal to real cash but you can’t redeem them or play games with them you can only shop with them.

How To Play

1. Open the app.
2. Click on lucky Dice game.

3. Click on LDT10 which will cost you Rs.10 If you win you will get Rs.16.5 and if you loose you will receive 10 Qeeda coins.

4. In this game you will need to roll the dice with random opponent.
5. Both will roll one by one.
6. The one will reach the 50 Points first will win.

There are many other games also available in the application which you can play and win. Entry amount and winning amount in all the games are same or equal.

Play Tournament

You can also play tournaments using Qeeda Coins. Play tournament using 50 Qeeda Coins and win real cash.

Total players in the tournament will be 500 players and winners and their prize money will be as follows:
1st Rank = Rs.500
Top 5% = Rs. 100 each
Top 10% = Rs.50 each
Top 15% = Rs.20 each
Top 20% = Rs.10 each

Refer and Earn

Qeeda app gives you the opportunity to earn Rs.10 for each referral. Refer/Invite people on Qeeda app and make Rs.10 for each referral.

How To Refer and Earn

1. Open the app.
2. Click on the menu.

3. Click on Refer and Earn.

4. Now share your referral code.

5. Whenever your referral code will be used for signup you will receive Rs.10 in your wallet.

Shopping Wit Qeeda Coins
You can use you Qeeda Coins to play tournament to make real cash or you can also use those coins to shop on Qeeda app.

You can buy so many stuffs available in the store of Qeeda app.

How To Shop On Qeeda App

1. Open the app.
2. Click on Store option.

3. See the list of products and select any one which you want to buy.

How to Redeem Money

You can withdraw your winnings very easily on Qeeda app but before that you will have to add your bank account in the app.
To withdraw money you can simply go to Wallet.
Then click on withdraw option to withdraw money.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs.70.

Qeeda App Features

Shop, Play & Win Cashback

Qeeda app is a NewariTech product. Here you can shop, join contest & play games to win cashback , Deals, Coupons & Shopping Credits.

Shop Offline or Online

Shop Online
You can shop at our online portal with discounted price using qeeda coins.
Shop Offline
You can also shop at our offline merchants. Scan QR code and shop with coins.
Fast delivery, Return within 15 days
We have partnered with best shipping services. Also provide 15 days return policy.

Qeeda Contest

Select Contest Category
Select Category of your interest among Joke, Quote & Poetry.
Create Post
Create a creative post in particular category. Just after submitting, it will publish in your network. On approval from Qeeda, it become eligible for Top-30 Section
Get more likes & Win
Now to win cash prizes, your have to get more likes on your post before the contest ends. You can check your won prize and rank under leaderboard section.

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