Fintoch | Decentralized Wallet 1% Daily and 36% in 30 days Returns On Investment


Fintoch | Decentralized Wallet 1% Daily and 36% in 30 days Returns On Investment

Note: Project Now converted Into Mining and Lending Borrowing Concept is now not Available

Fintoch | Decentralized Wallet 1% Daily and 36% in 30 days Returns On Investment
Fintoch | Decentralized Wallet 1% Daily and 36% in 30 days Returns On Investment

Fintoch is a Decentralized wallet which is basically registration with the California Secretary of State, you can trust that Fintoch is a legitimate and trustworthy investment opportunity. This is not a trading app but this is a wallet which works on Lending and Borrow model to earn money on investment. Although people can purchase and sell the crypto currencies here as well. Defy Referral Code Earn Free ₹100 Per Refer |Upto ₹1 Lakhs On Sign Up

We are basically going to talk about the options to earn money here as the two options available on is you can make money by investing minimum of $100. Also there is a referral program which is really good and rewarding. You can earn direct referral incentive and team management incentive as well..

We are going to discuss about all of them in detail so be ready to be the part of a new community. Fintoch is a new kind of Project which is a Decentralized Wallet and the company is of California. This is very new in India and i got to know about this earning opportunity just in recent times and invested my $100 in this app as lending and i am gaining returns of 1% daily. Crypto Biz Referral Code 10% Lifetime Referral Earnings CBZ

How To Create Fintoch Wallet to Earn Daily 1% Return

1. First of all click the link given below to download the app.

2. Now click on the Create Wallet ID and Copy and save your ID in Text or Notepad.

3. Now click on the download button.

4. You will visit the download page choose your Operating System and download the apk file.

5. Now install the Fintoch Apk in your mobile.

6. Now open the Fintoch App and click the setting icon.

7. Choose the identity wallet.

8. Then click on the Create Wallet.

9. Now paste your wallet which has been saved earlier and enter passwords, then click create.

10. Here click on the Backup.

11. Take a screenshot of mnemonic and click Backup confirmed.

12. Now choose the mnemonic in series as in screenshot and click Next Step.

13. Finally your mnemonic backup is done.

Talking about Fintoch features Fintoch has a similar to Metamask and trust wallet where you will need 12 phrase to register and supports multiple coins and tokens in their wallet supporting multi chain but fintoch is different being one of the first which allows multi chain swapping

How To Make Daily 1% Returns On the Fintoch Apk

The returns in the Fintoch wallet apk is basically on the lending amount. The minimum lending amount in the Fintoch Apk is $100. So before you can earn interest on your investment you will have to make a deposit of $100 USD and $2 BNB coins.

Once you have done these two thing then you can easily lend the money with other users and make daily returns on your investment. The best part is you will have to hold your money in this Fintoch Wallet app for long time but you can Redeem the income within 7th day if you want.

If you wish to hold the funds then you can re-lend the money and more interest. The money is re-invested and the interest will be increased because the investment amount is increased.


1. Click Wallet

2. Click USDT TRC20

3. Click Receive

4. Click Copy Address

5. Deposit Minimum $100 from any Exchange or from any Wallet

How To Start Lending Money & Earning in Fintoch App

Friends, Fintoch Wallet make you earn money by Lending money to other people on the Fintoch App. Before you can lend money in the app you will have to Add minimum $101 in the Fintoch Wallet because the transfer fee about $0.7 so make it happen. If you do not know how to deposit $100 in your fintoch wallet you can read this article.

Steps To Start Lending Money In Fintoch App

1. Just open the Fintoch Wallet Apk.

2. Click on the Lending option.

3. Enter 100 and click Grab it now.

4. On the next page please click Confirm.

5. Then click on the Next Step option.

6. Then enter your password to continue.

7. If there is any borrower the investment will be done.

8. If not then you can try it again after sometime.

That’s it you just have to sit back free minded because after 7 days the money will be reinvested and you can also withdraw that money into your bank account.

Invest and Return Chart in Fintoch App

Fintoch Business Plan is another unique where you invest a minimum of 100$ and earn daily 1% per day for 7 days after which you can withdraw your 100% investment and your profit. But if you plan compound your investment you will earn 1% daily on your investment and 1.5% on you daily profit which will lead to you earning 36% the first month and if you still compound you will be earning 100% of your investment in 2 months and if your hold further you can earn 800% in 6 month and 6400% in 1 year. Check the details of your compunding in the below picture all this without referring anyone totally passive.

But if you are a marketer you can earning sky is the limit

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Just Open the Fintoch App.
  2. Tap on the settings icon.
  3. Choose Invite friends.
  4. Here copy your referral link and share.
  5. You can also share the QR Code with friends.

Fintoch Wallet: Refer and Earn Program Details

Fintoch Direct referral Incentive

The next big earning is the Team Management Incentive

1. $50K Accumulated and 5 Direct

RANK GM starting $100/day min. But your earning will increase with the Daily sale calculate, for example your turnover is 65000 you earn 1% of that amount %650x 20%=130.

2. $150K Accumulated and 2 GM

RANK VP $450/Day min

3. $500K Accumulated and 2 VP

RANK SVP $2K/Day min

4. $2M Accumulated and 2 SVP

RANK ED $10K/Day min

5. $6M Accumulated and 2 ED

RANK MD $36K/Day min