KBC Quiz Answers Today | KBC Play Along Quiz | KBC Registration Answer

KBC Quiz Answers Today | KBC Play Along Quiz | KBC Registration Answer

KBC Quiz Answers Today | KBC Play Along Quiz | KBC Registration Answer
KBC Quiz Answers Today | KBC Play Along Quiz | KBC Registration Answer

KBC Quiz Answers Today: Hello Referralcodeapp reader’s welcome back again here i am back with one more Quiz and Answer. Today we are going to provide you answers of a very famous Live TV Show in India which is KBC which stands for Kon Banega Crorepati. Binance WODL Quiz Answers Today (All Crypto Words Added)

In 2023 this is the 15th Season of Kon Banega Crorepati (KBC) and it has been already started to telecast on TV. You can also play this quiz every day at 9 pm to get a chance to be on the hot seat. So that you can be the next one to Play Live on KBC Show in front of Shri Amitabh Bachhan Sir.

The system of Play Along is not new but yes many people do not know about this feature and so they are missing out to be a part of an amazing Live Game Show. The KBC Kon Banega Crorepati. Maggi Travel Offer: Win ₹350 to ₹75000 MakeMyTrip Vouchers | LOT Code

What is KBC Play Along Quiz ?

The KBC Play Along Quiz is something that is literally very easy and not so easy to tell as well. As of now i will try to tell you in simple words. That when you watch KBC live on the TV. There are some questions asked in between the show and you will have to answer those question right so that you can be the next one to sit on the Hot Seat in front of Amitabh bachhan. All Rummy App List – ₹51 Bonus & ₹41 Bonus | New Rummy List

You can play KBC quiz in either Hindi or English language. It also has KBC daily quiz also known as IDFC’s first bank quiz that can be played daily to increase points to increase rank on the leaderboard.

Play KBC Play Along Quiz & Win Cash Prizes

1) Download the Sony Liv app from play store or from the below link.

2) Open the app, log in to your account, and search for the KBC Quiz banner.

3) Tap on the daily quiz option and play daily to add more points to your score.

4) For every correct answer you will earn 100 points, total 1000 points daily.

5) KBC Hindi offline play along quiz answers are given below.

6) Along with daily quiz you need to play ‘KBC Play Along’ at 9 pm daily from Mon to Sat

7) Scoring points daily and win exciting prizes like gift vouchers, laptop, iPad.

8) You can check the prizes that you have won in the ‘my earnings’ section.

KBC Registration 10th Question & Answer | 8th May 2023

Meanwhile, KBC registration 10th quiz question and answer for 8th May 2023 is;

Question – Which of these Presidents of India did not previously serve as vice president?


  • Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
  • Dr S Radhakrishnan
  • Shri KR Narayanan
  • Dr Rajendra Prasad

Correct answer – Dr Rajendra Prasad

KBC Registration 9th Question & Answer | 7th May

Meanwhile, KBC registration 9th quiz question and answer for 7th May 2023 is;

Question –  Who was awarded the Oscar for the Best Original Song for “Naatu Naatu” along with MM Keeravani?


  • Vairamuthu 
  • Gulzar
  • Chandrabose
  • SS Rajamouli

Correct answer – Chandrabose

KBC Registration 7th Question & Answer | 5th May

Meanwhile, KBC registration 7th quiz question and answer for 5th May 2023 is;

Question – Which god from Hindu scriptures lends his name to the Union government scheme launched in 2023 to help skilled artisans?


  • Lord Vishwakarma
  • Lord Dhanvantari
  • Lord Kubera
  • Karna

Correct answer – Lord Vishwakarma

KBC Registration 6th Question & Answer | 4th May

Meanwhile KBC registration 6th quiz question and answer for 4th May 2023 is;

Question – Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of which of these Women’s Premier League teams?

Answer –  Mumbai Indians

KBC Registration 5th Question & Answer | 3rd May

Meanwhile KBC registration 5th quiz question and answer for 3rd May 2023 is;

Question – Deposits of which element, an important component of batteries, have been discovered in large quantities in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir in 2023?

Answer – Lithium

KBC Registration 4th Question & Answer | 2nd May

Meanwhile KBC registration 4th quiz question and answer for 2nd May 2023 is;

Question – Which tabla maestro was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in January 2023?

Answer – HeadUstad Zakir Hussain

KBC Registration 3rd Question & Answer | 1st May

Meanwhile KBC registration 3rd quiz question and answer for 1st May 2023 is;

Question – Dumalla, peta, and japi are traditional items worn on which body part in different regions of India?

Options – Neck, Head, Arms, Legs

Answer – Head

KBC Daily Quiz Answers

  • 1st Answer: Indonesia
  • 2nd Answer: Tamil Naidu
  • 3rd Answer: 22
  • 4th Answer: Jahangir
  • 5th Answer: England

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 30th December

Q1) Where is the Headquarter of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)?

Answer: Indonesia

Q2) Silver Beach is located in which Indian State?

Answer: Tamil Naidu

Q3) How many languages are specified in the Constitution of India?

Answer: 22

Q4) Who built Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir?

Answer: Jahangir

Q5) Which country hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2022?

Answer: England

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 29th December

Q1) What is the real name of the Indian Actress, Kiara Advani?

Answer: Alia Advani

Q2) Which language is known as Queen of all languages in the world?

Answer: Kannada

Q3) Which is the first web browser invented in 1990?

Answer: Nexus

Q4) Dudhsagar Falls is situated on which of the following river?

Answer: Mandovi

Q5) The ‘Blackbuck National Park’ situated in which of the following states of India?

Answer: Gujarat

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 28th December

Q1) Which of the following gas is most harmful for the ozone layer?

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbons

Q2) In which form is glucose stored in our body?

Answer: Glycogen

Q3) What is the southernmost point of India?

Answer: Indira Point

Q4) India’s first monorail service has been started in which state?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q5) What is the real name of WWE Wrestler, ‘The Great Khali’?

Answer: Dalip Singh Rana

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 27th December

Q1) Who among the following started the newspaper “Sudharak”?

Answer: Gopal Ganesh Agarkar

Q2) What is the full form of LAN?

Answer: Local Area Network

Q3) Which city is going to host the Olympics 2024?

Answer: Paris

Q4) ‘UNESCO’ was founded in which of the following year?

Answer: 1945

Q5) What is the real name of Dilip Kumar?

Answer: Muhammed Yusuf Khan

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 26th December

Q1) Who coined the term ‘Big Bang’?

Answer: Fred Hoyle

Q2) In which state is the oldest dam of India built?

Answer: Tamil Naidu

Q3) Who wrote the book ‘Arthashastra’?

Answer: Kautilya

Q4) Which day is celebrated as ‘World Wetlands Day’?

Answer: 2nd February

Q5) ‘Chittaranjan Locomotive Works’ is located in which of the following states of India?

Answer: West Bengal

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 25th December

Q1) What is the maximum gap between two sessions of the Indian parliament?

Answer: 6 months

Q2) Who published the newspaper ‘Young India’?

Answer: M. K. Gandhi

Q3) Which is the longest beach in India?

Answer: Marina Beach

Q4) Which among the following is the official language of Union Territory of Lakshadweep?

Answer: Malayalam

Q5) Which of the following is the innermost layer of the Earth?

Answer: The Core

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 23rd December

Q1) Where is Satish Dhawan Space Center located?

Answer: Sriharikota

Q2) Which game is the National Sports of India?

Answer: Hockey

Q3) Who gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’ during India’s freedom struggle?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q4) Who wrote the book ‘India wins Freedom?

Answer: Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

Q5) Which day is celebrated as International Literacy Day?

Answer: 8th September

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 21st December

Q1) Who appoints the judges of a high court?

Answer: President

Q2) Which city is also known as the ‘Orange City’ in India?

Answer: Nagpur

Q3) Who defined the Law of Gravitation?

Answer: Newton

Q4) Who is the founder of Infosys?

Answer: Narayan Murthy

Q5) How to protect your passwords?

Answer: Keep a complex password

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 20th December

Q1) Lata Mangeshkar was awarded Bharat Ratna in which year?

Answer: 2001

Q2) What are the other names for the 180-degree longitude line?

Answer: International Date Line

Q3) Which country hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2022?

Answer: England

Q4) The coastal city Istanbul is located in which among the following countries?

Answer: Turkey

Q5) Which of the following country follows the model of a presidential form of government?

Answer: United States Of America

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 17th December

Q1) Nilambur Teak which has been granted Geographical Indication status, has its origin in the state of which of the following?

Answer: Kerala

Q2) Which one is the largest and highest plateau in the world?

Answer: Tibetan Plateau

Q3) Keep your financial information safe by?

Answer: Changing your passwords periodically

Q4) Who invented the telephone?

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

Q5) Which pass connects Mumbai to Nashik?

Answer: Thal Ghat

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 16th December

Q1) Who founded the Brahmo Samaj in the year 1828?

Answer: Raja Ram Moha Roy

Q2) How many countries does ‘Grand Trunk Road’ pass through?

Answer: 4

Q3) Who was the first human being to step on the Moon’s surface?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

Q4) Which city is also known as the ‘Pink City’ of India?

Answer: Jaipur

Q5) For receiving a payment, you need to?

Answer: None of the above

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 15th December

Q1) Which among the following is the world’s highest island

Answer: Green Land

Q2) Areas of which of the following current states did not come under control of Vijayanagar emperor Krishnadeva Raya?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q3) Which of the following is world’s smallest country

Answer: Vatican City

Q4) Which of the following is the largest and the deepest ocean of the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

Q5) Which is the highest producer of milk in the world in 2022?

Answer: India

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 14th December

Q1) Who was the first women judge of the Supreme Court of India?

Answer: Fatima Beevi

Q2) An unknown caller claims to be from IDFC FIRST Bank and asks for your account/card details. What will you do?

Answer: Refuse to share details and disconnect the call

Q3) Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC?

Answer: China

Q4) Which is the longest day of the year?

Answer: 21st June

Q5) Who composed the famous song ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’?

Answer: Mohammad Iqbal

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 13th December

Q1) For cotton cultivation which among the following soils is considered most suitable?

Answer: Black soil

Q2) R. K. Narayan has written which of the following book?

Answer: Swamy and friends

Q3) In which year State Bank of India was founded?

Answer: 1955

Q4) Which of the following short film was India’s official entry to Oscars 2023?

Answer: Last film show (Chhello show)

Q5) What is the full form of PAN?

Answer: Permanent account number

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 12th December

Q1) Which day is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day?

Answer: 3rd May

Q2) Which city is also called diamond city of India?

Answer: Surat

Q3) Mars appears red because of presence of the following compounds on its surface?

Answer: Iron Oxide

Q4) How to stay safe from financial frauds?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) What is the name of the world’s first female astronaut?

Answer: Valentina Tereshkova

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 9th December

Q1) Which city is known as ‘City of Joy’?

Answer: Kolkata

Q2) In which Indian state are the Elephanta Caves situated?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q3) IDFC FIRST Bank Consumer Durable Loan offers?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) Who will be seen opposite Shahrukh Khan in upcoming film Pathaan?

Answer: Deepika Padukone

Q5) Which Jain council was held at Pataliputra?

Answer: First

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 8th December

Q1) Which of the following is the first supercomputer developed by the Indian scientists?

Answer: Param 8000

Q2) When is the ‘World Wildlife Day’ observed every year?

Answer: 3rd March

Q3) In which year was ‘Doordarshan’ founded in India?

Answer: 1959

Q4) In which city is ‘World Health Organization’ headquarters located?

Answer: Geneva

Q5) Which of these ports is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port?

Answer: Nhava Sheva

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 7th December

Q1) At what temperature (in Fahrenheit) does pure water freeze?

Answer: 32

Q2) Which Indian state has the longest coastline?

Answer: Gujarat

Q3) Safest way to find your bank’s contact details is?

Answer: From bank’s official website or mobile app

Q4) Sanchi Stupa was built by which of the following?

Answer: Ashoka

Q5) Part IV of the constitution deals with which of the following?

Answer: Directive principles of state policy

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 6th December

Q1) Which is the Longest National Highway of India?

Answer: NH – 44

Q2) When is International Yoga Day celebrated?

Answer: 21 June

Q3) Who has directed all parts of the movie ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’?

Answer: Satish Rajwade

Q4) Who Started the ‘Servants of India Society’?

Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q5) IDFC FIRST Bank Consumer Durable Loans provides?

Answer: Loan up to 5 lac

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