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NBlik Community Apk Download, New Online Earning App, Earn Money Without Investment

Nblik Community Apk

Nblik Community Apk: friends we have talked about many applications like Rummy Game App and Teen Patti Earning Apps one thing was common in all those applications that if you want to earn money then you had 2 choices either you can play games or you can invite people but there are many people in India who can’t do any one thing of them because they don’t have money to invest and also don’t have such fan following so that can invite people as well.

So, many of the users of mine always wanted to get an app where they can make money without any investment and that is also a self earning app so here i am with that kind of application. This is Known as India’s Community App – NbliK. What you can do here to make money i am just going to tell you everything in detail but before that yu can try the Teen Patti Master Apk for long time earning if you can do all you need.

Let’s Talk About India’s Community App : Nblik Community Apk

As I mentioned earlier in this article that the Nblik Community Apk is an where we can make money without investment we just have to create our community or we can join already made community in the app as well and just share our though or knowledge based thing for that we will get paid.

NbliK wants people to find their interests, challenge their curiosity and enhance them in order to carve the possibilities to bring a change in within themselves and their communities. They aim to be India’s best blogging and discussion app, where you can be vocal about your interests.

Be it your hobby, passion, side-job or profession, we have got a place for you. Find communities created by others where you would like to participate, or make your own.

How To Get Started Withdraw The Nblik Community Apk | India’s Community App

To get started with the application first of all you will have to download this Community based earning app and for that i have provided you with the link of this India’s Community App – NbliK. You can download this by visiting the download link which is available in the download button above in this article.

Once you have downloaded this apk you came closer to the journey of earning without investment. Let us now create account in this app and then see how it goes.

Create ACCOUNT IN Nblik Community Apk

1. First of all download the Nblik Apk.

2. Install and open the app.

3. Select your preferred language and continue.

4. Now you can continue with Gmail for quick registration .

5. Here you will have the choice to Join any Community or create your own.

6. Now Tap on My Profile & Click Edit Profile.

7. Complete your Profile and save that.

Now Every User Have 3 Types Of Earnings In The App

All these 3 ways by which you can earn coins are listed below:

  1. Writing Post
  2. Refer and Earn
  3. Challenges

How To Earn Coins By Writing Posts

Here if you are in a Community you can be admin of your own community or you have joined any community in the beginning of the registration you can always write a Post in that community and according to the read time, view time and for every article that you post here in this community app you will earn some amount of coins.

How To Write Post

  1. First of all open the Nblik Apk.
  2. Click on the + Sign.
  3. Write anything like shown in the picture above and click Post.
  4. Your article will be live now.

Refer and Earn Program

Here as i already told you that the referral program is available in the app and you can invite poeple to earn money with very simple process you just have to share your invite link with friends and family.

For every referral you will earn 100 Nblik Coins and can withdraw the coins as real cash into your paytm or upi.

How To Refer & Earn

  1. Open the Nblik Community Apk.
  2. Click on the left menu bar.
  3. Choose Invite & Earn.
  4. Now share your invite link with friends.

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