StepCoin Referral Code Walk and Earn Rewards Iphone11 Free


StepCoin Referral Code Walk and Earn Rewards Free Iphone11

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StepCoin Referral Code JDVZEXSKCS

StepCoin Referral Code JDVZEXSKCS

Here is the application for you to make money by doing exercise and get rewarded for making yourself healthy. You can win Free Iphone11 by doing exercise and by walking in park or in streets its up to you.

Earn Coins by Walking and doing exercise and redeem those coins as free rewards Such as Earpods, Speakers, Iwatch, Trimmer, T-Shirts etc and most Famous is IPhone11.

About StepCoin Referral Code

App NameStepCoin Referral Code
Signup Bonus50 Coins
Referral Link/CodeJDVZEXSKCS
Referral Bonus50 Coins
Minimum Payout2999 Coins
Payout OptionsRewards,IPhone11,Iwatch,etc
StepCoin Referral Code JDVZEXSKCS

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How To Get Started

1. Download the Stepcoin app.

2. Install and Open the app.

3. Click on Signup Now Option.

4. Enter details and Referral Code JDVZEXSKCS

5. Click on Click to verify info.

6. Then click on Next button.

7. Choose your gender, enter username and click on Next button.

8. Enter your physical details like Height, Age and weight.

9. After entering the correct details click on Check Button.

10. Choose an email address to assign your StepCoin account.

11. You are on your dashboard now and you can see your steps and every details about your health.

How To Earn Coins at StepCoin

1. Walk and Earn

Hey, there Referralcodeapp readers i am going to tell you how you can make coins here by just walking and redeem those coins as rewards.

Just open the app and start steps for 1000 steps you are going to earn 1 Coin.

You can walk as many steps as you want in a day or whenever you want to walk.

Just start walking and earn rewards.

2. Refer and Earn

Invite your friends at StepCoin app by sharing your referral code and get extra 40-50 coins for each referral.

You will get your referral bonus and your friends will also get Signup bonus once your referral reaches 50 Coins by walking.

Ask your referral to walk and earn 50 Coins and you and your friends will get Extra 50 Coins and Bonus.

Use my StepCoin Referral Code JDVZEXSKCS.

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open the StepCoin app.
  2. Click on Earn 40 Extra Coins by sharing referral code.
  3. Click and share your referral code with friends.
  4. Whenever your referral will reach 50 Coins you and your referral will get 40 Coins

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About this app

StepCoin is India’s fitness based app. You will get app coins based on your activity, majorly on walking, running and sharing the app. Use these coins to get amazing rewards in the StepCoin app. These rewards can be discount coupons on product or services or to get FREE products.
The aim is to make you healthy and fit and at the same time earn some reward.
1000 steps = 1 coin

Home page

On home page, you can see your daily activity such as yours steps, distance covered, calories burned, your daily coins and total coins.
You can also get some free coins on this page.

Workout video

On this page, you will see some workout gif videos.


Redeem your app coins to get discount on products or to win Amazing FREE products.


You can track transactions of your coins earned or redeemed here.

Make Every Step Count with StepCoin and get fit and healthy while getting rewarded at the same time.


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