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Teen Patti Plus Apk, Download Teen Patti Plus App, New Teen Patti Earning App

Teen Patti Plus Apk Download
Teen Patti Plus Apk Download

Teen Patti Plus Apk: Friends, Teen Patti Plus Apk is like other 3 Patti earning Apps where we get so many games to play and more than one options to make money. Every single app that i have shared with confidence is the best in their own and one of the best teen patti Game apk i know is Happy Teen Patti Apk you can truct this apk blindly and will be able to make money easily as well.

Teen Patti Plus Apk
Teen Patti Plus Apk

Hello Dear, ReferralCodeApp readers, here i am back with one more online gaming app which is not only made for the purpose of gaming but you can also generate some good amount of income very easily by completing some simple tasks like refer and earn and along with that you get games to play and win real cash also the 7 day slogin bonus is also there to earn without investment in this apk. Rummy Ares Apk ₹51 Bonus Download New Rummy Ares App

Download the Teen Patti plus Apk in your mobile phone from the official website you may already know about that the Allapprummy.Com. You will find the Teen Patti Plus Apk here and rest the options you will see are explained below. Just get started now and find ways to make money online using the card gaming apps.

About Teen Patti Plus Apk

Teen Patti Plus App
App NameTeen Patti Plus Apk
Signup BonusRs.120
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.20
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Teen Patti Plus Official SiteTeen Patti Plus Apk
Teen Patti Plus Apk Download

Dear, Readers i know Teen Patti master is the best option for all of you guys but this 3 Patti Plus Apk is also not very less than that but you will feel the same in this apk as well. You know why because the money making scheme are almost identical in both the Teen Patti Applications. You are going to love the Teen Patti Plus Apk as well. Holy Rummy Apk Download ₹51 Bonus New Holy Rummy App

This 3 Patti Plus App offers you number of online casino and gambling games that will include the very famous game Dragon vs Tiger and the standard one games are like rummy and teen patti are also included. The Referral program for those who don’t want to play games and earn very handy income using the invite and earn system.

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How To Download Teen Patti Plus Apk

Teen Patti Plus Apk can be downloaded from the official Teen Patti Plus Apk site and also this apk is available on the best rummy app site where you get all the rummy and teen patti apps at one place. Which is non other that Allapprummy.Com.

  1. Just visit the site.
  2. Tap on the download button.
  3. Your apk will be downloaded.

How To Get Started With The Teen Patti Plus Apk

Teen Patti Plus Apk is very easy to use and you will have to create your account in the app so that you can receive the registration bonus and then you will be able to use that and win money.

1. Download the Teen Patti plus Apk first.

2. Then install and open the app.

3. Tap on the register button.

4. Registration form will open just fill the details and click OTP.

5. Now enter the OTP and the finally click on Register button.

6. Your registration is now completed and you will receive the bonus as well.

7. Signup bonus is usable in the app to play games and win money.

How To Earn Money Without Investment in Teen Patti Plus Apk

Teen Patti Plus Apk can be used to earn money with or without investment but we are all focued on without investment then just read the article below.

Refer and Earn Money

The Referral System in the Teen Patti Plus Apk has the refer and earn program very similar to the Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold Apk.

Here also you will be earning 3 types of referral income in the Teen Patti Plus Apk as Recharge commision, Affiliate Income and Direct download from link income these are the 3 types of income you will be getting in the 3 Patti Plus Apk as the refer and earn program.

Recharge Commission

The recharge commission in the Teen Patti Plus Apk willbe 30%. When ever your referrals will made any deposit in the 3 Patti Plus Apk you will receive the 30% of that amount.

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Affiliate Commission

The affiliate commission in the Teen Patti Plus apk will be different as per the referral level which is from the Bronze to Diamond level.

Also the Affiliate commission goes from 6% to 30%.

Income For New User

When you share your invitation link with friends and family or you can also use the social media to make money. For every new user registration in the app via your invitation link you will get Rs.20 for every new user registration.

Games Available In the Teen Patti Plus Apk

  1. Win Go
  2. Rummy
  3. Teen Patti
  4. Dragon vs Tiger
  5. Andar Bahar
  6. 7 Up Down
  7. Evolution
  8. Duel of the sea king
  9. Car roulette
  10. Warcraft roulette
  11. Red vs black
  12. Matka
  13. 10 cards
  14. best of five
  15. black jack
  16. Fruit

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How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open the Teen Patti Plus Apk.
  2. Tap on the Share button.
  3. Login/Signup using your mobile number.
  4. Copy your referral link.
  5. Share the link with friends and family.

How To Deposit cash in your Teen Patti Plus Account

The deposit cash option is available in the app for that you will have to tap on the Buy button. then you can add cash into your 3 Patti Plus Apk account.

Follow the steps below to go into detail.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Plus Apk.
  2. Tap on the Buy button.
  3. Choose the Add cash amount.
  4. Tap on the Add Cash button then.
  5. You will be redirected to choose the payment app.
  6. Complete the transaction using any payment app.

How To Withdraw Real Cash From Teen Patti Plus Apk

You will have to be a Bank Account holder if you want to redeem the earnings because they will not pay to any paytm wallet instead you will have to bank details in order to withdraw your winnings.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Plus Apk.
  2. Tap on the Withdraw button.
  3. Enter your bank details and save for later.
  4. Choose the withdraw amount.
  5. Finally tap on the withdraw button.

Teen Patti Plus Apk FAQ

Q.1 Is there a limit to how much money I can earn from game promotions?

Ans. No, there is no limit to the money you can earn from game promotions. Taurus aims at building a transparent and rules-guaranteed platform to earn cash money online.

Q.2 What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100Rs.

Q.3 What is the maximum withdrawal amount per day?

Ans. The maximum withdrawal amount is 10,000Rs per time, 20,000 Rs per day.

Q.4 How can I get a recharge commission?

Ans. You can only get a recharge commission when your players recharge in the game.  recharge yourself in the game and will not make a commission.

Q.5 How much recharge commission can I get if players recharge?

Ans. Usually, you will receive a recharge commission of 5% – 30%. The percentage is determined based on your division, users recharge amount, users’ daily online time, consecutive login days and game rank.

Q.6 How to earn commission?


1. Share your referral link with others. If they download and install the game, you can get a commission.
2. If they play and recharge in the game, you can get more commission.
3. Develop your affiliates. You can get a share of the money earned by your affiliates.
4. Sell discounted chips to your referrals and make profits by the price difference.

Q.7 How long does it take to withdraw the money?

Ans. Normally you can receive the money within seven working days, because after you start withdrawal, Taurus needs to verify the procedure. Besides, it also takes time for the bank to finish the money transferring.

Q.8 Why has my today’s commission hasn’t been added to my current balance yet?

Ans. Today’s commission will be fully updated 12-24 hours later after users’ recharging.

Q.9 How can I check my affiliates list?

Ans. You can check your affiliates list in the commission page of Teen Patti Master App. (The entrance is in the Refer & Earn button)

Q.10 Why i didn’t receive the commission withdrawal money?

Ans. Usually, you will receive the money within 24 hours, no more than 3-5 working days.

Q.11 Why my current balance not converted to a withdrawal balance?

Ans. Because the friends you invited are not active in game, so currently some of your commission is not withdrawable.

If they are active in game, the related commission in your current balance will be converted to your withdrawal balance.

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