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Happy Teen Patti Signup Bonus Rs.10 Refer and Earn Unlimited

Happy Teen Patti

Happy Teen Patti, Happy Teen Patti App, Happy Teen Patti Apk, Happy Teen Patti App Download, Happy Teen Patti Apk Download, New Happy Teen Patti, Latest Teen Patti Happy, Best Happy Teen Patti Apk Download, Hello my dear readers welcome all of you at our new article of a great Teen Patti App. The name of this app is already cleared to all of you from it Heading but it is my duty to let you know all of you about this so This great new teen patti apk is known as Happy Teen Patti Apk which will really makes you happy.

Happy Teen Patti Signup Bonus Rs.10 Refer and Earn Unlimited. This is also a rummy app and i am not sure that it is similar to any app but on app i am thinking about after watching this is Teen Patti Vungo App. Somewhere is looks same as the Teen Patti Live App. All i know about this app is that here you will get Rs.10 Signup bonus and also you can earn unlimited money by inviting friends.

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Happy Teen Patti also allowing you to earn Rs.5 for every Signup using your referral link.

Once your referral link is use to download the Happy Teen Patti app and user register you will get Rs.2 instantly and also when your referral play 5 time you will get extra 3rs and also 1% of their game Played amount.

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How To Download Happy Teen Patti

The simple steps to download the app teen patti app is just click on the Happy Teen Patti Download button above and you will be on the official website download page of Happy Teen Patti Apk. This the great teen patti real cash app which can make you earn huge amount of money by inviting people and also by playing different different games and beating your opponents.

About Happy Teen Patti

Happy Teen Patti Apk is not a new teen patti app but it is very effective as this will really pay without any wagers problem that we face in other Teen Patti and Rummy Apps as well. You can download Happy Teen Patti Apk easily from the download link below and you will love this apk as well.

The Signup bonus of Happy Teen Patti Apk is less but this is very rewarding apk as you will get many options to make real money from teen patto happy apk. From refer and earn to daily bonus this real cash teen patti app have all of them in it.

App NameHappy Teen Patti
Signup BonusRs.10
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.25
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Happy Teen Patti

How To Get Signup Bonus

  1. Download the Happy Teen Patti app here.
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. Enter your Phone Number and click Login button.
  4. Wait for OTP and verify your number with OTP.
  5. Now click on Invite and Earn button.
  6. Share link >> Go Back >> Click on Collect to get Extra Money.
  7. Go back to your dashboard.
  8. You have now 11rs in your wallet.
  9. Minimum redeem is Rs.100.
  10. You will now have to earn money to withdraw.

Some Extra Features Added in Happy teen Patti

  • Bonus Card:- Bonus card is added in happy teen patti now and you can buy these cards to get extra bonus and you will receive daily bonus till 7 day.

There are Three Types of Cards Available that you can buy

  1. Silver Card:- In this card you can buy it for ₹1000 and you will get ₹1140.
  2. Gold Card:- You can get this card at ₹5000 and total bonus you will get is ₹6050.
  3. Diamond Card:- This card is available at ₹20000 and total bonus ₹24500.
  • Events in Happy Teen Patti:- In the Events Tap of Happy Teen Patti App you will get more money making options like More Rewards, Recruitment and Free Bonus as well.
  • Free Rewards:- This reward is added in Happy Teen Patti Apk After in last few months and in this you will earn points for completing some tasks and these points are convertible into Cash.

Ways To Earn Money

1. Play Games

Happy Teen Patti Have Many Online Multi-Player Card games available that you can play to earn money online here in the Happy Teen Patti App.

2. Refer and Earn

Refer your friends to earn extra income from Happy Teen Patti App and you can also withdraw the referral income direct into your bank account.

3. Place Bets

Place bets on the teen patti app and earn real money. Happy Teen Patti Have many Betting games available.

Games Available to Play

  1. Rummy
  2. 7 Up 7 Down
  3. Lagur Burja
  4. Dragon Vs Tiger
  5. Wingo Lottery
  6. 3 Patti
  7. Andar Bahar
  8. Baccarat 3 Patti
  9. Baccarat AB

Refer and Earn

Refer your friends and earn unlimited money.

You will get Rs.15 for each referral without any condition.

You will get Instantly Rs.12 for each referral.

Rs.3 when your referral plays 5 games.

Rs.10 you will get when your referral first time adds cash.

1% each time your referral play game.

You will earn unlimited money by inviting friends.

You will also get Extra Rs.10 for new referral.

Whenever you get a new referral you will earn rs.10 extra.

Referral income can be withdrawn directly and you can earn unlimited money from happy teen patti app.

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open the Happy Teen Patti app.
  2. Click on Refer Reward option.
  3. Click on Invite & Earn button.
  4. Share your referral link with friends.
  5. Earn unlimited money by inviting friends on Happy TeenPatti app.

Minimum Withdraw

  1. Rs.100 is the minimum amount you can withdraw from Happy Teen Patti app.

Withdrawal Option

  1. UPI
  2. Bank Account

Payment Proof

How To Play Happy Teen Patti Games & Rules

Rummy Point Rules Happy Teenpatti

1.A player’s objective is to make the best combinations of cards in the form of sets or sequences. To win, one needs to declare first and then meld the cards in hand correctly as per the rules of the Rummy game.
2.Game is played with two decks of cards consisting of 52 cards and 2 face Jokers each.
All cards with the same rank as the card below the closed deck are considered jokers. A joker functions as a substitute to any card.
A sequence consists of three or more cards of the same suit in order.
A PURE SEQUENCE is a sequence without jokers. IMPURE SEQUENCES are sequences that can contain jokers
NOTE: IMPURE SEQUENCE is not valid until you have a PURE SEQUENCE
Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank but different suits. Sets can contain Jokers.
NOTE: Sets are not valid until you have a PURE SEQUENCE and an IMPURE SEQUENCE
To win the game the player must call for Finish with the following
1st life: pure Sequence no Jokers
2nd life: 2nd Sequence – Pure or Impure
Score: All 13 cards part of a valid Sequence or Set
The players score is the total value of all the cards and that are not a part of a valid sequence or a set. The objective is to reduce your Score to 0 by forming valid sequences and sets.
J, Q, K and A have a value of 10
The values of the rest of the card are equal to their rank
SCORE: Total value of cards that are not a part of a valid Set or a Sequence.
Remember : Lower Score Is Always Better

3Patti Game Rules & How To Play Happy Teen Patti

1.Trail or Set ( three of same rank)
AAA, KKK, QQQ……….222

2.Pure Sequence
AKQ, A23, KQJ………….432

3.Sequence ( run )
AKQ, A23, KQJ……………..432

4. Color

5. Pair (Tow Cards of Same Rank )

6. High Card

The game needs 2-5 players involved with 52 poker cards (without jokers). The best3-card owner win the game.
Blind: After cards dealt, you can choose to see your cards directly or to blind with a maximum of 4 rounds.
Chaal: Each chaal amount cannot be less than your previous round. And you shall chaal double the current amount if you choose to raise chaal amount.
See: You shall chaal double the blind players’ chaal amount after you see your cards.
Side Show: If you choose to compare your cards with your previous player’s then you need to put bet amount into the pot.
Pack: Give up and quit your bet amount in this round.

Andar Bahar Game Rule

  1. The dealer puts a card in the center of the table.
  2. This is the Joker card.
    Players bet on which side a
    card of Joker’s rank will drop Andar or Bahar You bet twice.
  3. The first bet happens after
    the Joker card appears.
  4. Second bet happens after two cards have been dealt to the table
  5. The game ends when a card of the same rank as the Joker lands on Andar or Bahar.

7 Up Down Game How To Play

1.You can bet on the total being under 7,exactly 7,or over 7.
2.Above and below 7 gives payout double the bet amount.
3.Exactly 7 gives payout 5 times the bet amount. Gold Dice
4.When the dice result opened, gold dice bonus will randomly appears, and all the players betted in this round will win (win money = the amount he betted * sum of the two dices’ points)

Baccarat 3Patii Happy 3patti How To Play

  1. At beginning dealer will deal 3 cards each to red and blue area on the table.
  2. Player can bet on red and blue, after all player placed their bet dealer will show cards on both side.
  3. Comparing rule is the same as teen patti.
  4. If player bet on blue or red color, winner will get double winning based on how much he bet.
  5. If player bet on blue or red color, winner will get double winning based on how much he bet.
  6. When there’s a draw after showing cards, all the betting amount would be refunded.

Bet on Blue/Red: Win = Bet*2
Bet on winner card type:
Pair: Win = bet*3.5
Color Win = bet*10
Sequence: Win bet* 15
Pure Sequence Win = bet*100
Set Win = bet*100

Jhandi Munda Happy Teen Patti Rule (Langur Burja)


  1. In this game we have symbols “Jhanda”, “Burja”, “Itta”, “Paan”, “Hukum” and “Chidi” printed on the six faces of each dice.
  2. The player will place a bet and the game will start rolling the dices.
  3. You can bet on multiple symbols in a similar way.
  4. Winning ratio is as below. If you bet Rs. 10 on Burja and 2 dices show Burja, then your winnings is 3*10-Rs. 30. If 3 dices show Burja, then your winnings is 5″10-Rs. 50

Winning Ratio Chart
0 or 1 Symbols hit, lose
4 Symbols hit, win = bet amount * 10
5 Symbols hit, win = bet amount * 20
6 Symbols hit, win = bet amount * 100

Wingo Lottery How To Play & Game Rule Happy Teen Patti

  • Bet on GREEN:- Winningsbet”2 (when result 5, Winnings=bet’1.5)
  • Bet on RED:- Winnings=bet’2 (when result 0, Winnings=bet”1.5)
  • Bet on VIOLET:- Winnings=bet 4.5
  • Bet on NUMBERS:- Winnings=bet”9

Horse Racing Game Rules & How To Play

Games Rules

  1. Players must place a bet before the racing start
  2. Unlimited bet amount
  3. You can bet on any horse or any number of horses among the horse 1-6
  4. The coins obtained by the winner are the betting coins multiply the corresponding odds

Baccarat AB ( Baccart Andar Bahar ) Game Rules & How To Play Happy 3Patti

Games Rules 1
The dealer shuffles one deck of 52 cards picks one card randomly from the available deck and place if face up, which would be the Game Card, against which bets can be placed of that game. Player can choose to bet on either ANDAR or BAHAR bet spots for the hand. A minimum bet amount is required to be placed which would be the default selection when clicked on the bet spot. The player can increase or decrease the bet amount as desired and confirm it within the given time. Use setings for Auto confirm option.
Games Rules 2
If the number on the dealt card matches the value ofthe game card,the game ends.
Summary of game result for the last 100 games can be viewed here along with the percentage of win on both ANDAR and BAHAR sides.in addition, the winning percentage of the game card (dealer card) in last 100 games on ANDAR and BAHAR can also be viewed atthe time of the betting.
*Wins on ANDAR side gets 90%
*Wins on BAHAR side gets 100%
ANDAR and BAHAR Side bet options
To spice the game up there is a range of side bets. The side can be played with or without a main hand bet. The objective is to pick the number of cards that will be dealt before a match with the “joker” card is made. The payouts are more generous than the main game round, with the highest being 120:1,for 41 or more cards dealt.
RESULT:- 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 40+ x50 x120
PAYOFF:- x3.5 x4.5 x5.5 x4.5 x15 x25

Red VS Black Game Rules And How To Play Happy Teen Patti Best Game

1.Game randomly draw one card from one deck of poker (54 cards, contain Jokers).
2.Players who bet the right area will win the game.
3.Bet on Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club will win x3.8, King (Jokers) will win x20, Color(Black, Red) will win x1.95

Happy Teen Patti FAQ

Q. Why Happy Teen Patti ?

Ans. You must download happy teen patti app because the User Interface of this applications is very nice and have many rewards by inviting your friends and also have a lots of multi player card games which you can play and win real Paytm Cash.

Q. Happy Teen Patti Refer & Earn Rules ?

Ans. Happy Teen Patti Gives the referral income in 3 methods 1. When you have referral you will get deposit cash in your Happy Teen Patti Wallet. 2. When ever your referral invite your referrals you will earn deposit cash. 3. When your referrals play cash card games then you will get Withdrawal Money in your Happy Teen Patti Wallet.

Q. Happy Teen Patti is Legit ?

Ans. Yes, Happy Teen Patti is totally legit app because i am using this app from August of 2021 and have Withdrawal more than 70 thousands from this app in my bank account. So, You can download this app without any fear.

Q. Happy Teen Patti Alternative

Ans. Yes, There are some good Rummy and Teen patti Apps that you can use if you don’t want to use Happy Teen Patti then you can download these applications Like Rummy Modern, Rummy Nabob, Rummy Golds, Teen Patti Joy or visit the list of rummy apps.

Q. How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Happy Teen Patti

Ans – Sign Up Bonus Rs.10

Q. What is the Minimum Withdraw of Happy Teen Patti Apps?

Ans – Minimum Withdraw is Rs.100

Q. What is the Maximum Deposit of Happy Teen Patti App ?

Ans – Maximum Deposit Is Rs.50

Q. How much bonus do you get on each Invite in Happy Teen Patti App?

Ans – Per Invites –Rs.10.

Q. How much recharge commission do you get in Happy Teen Patti App?

Ans – Recharge Commission 2% To 20%.

Q. What is the referral rebate commission i can earn ?

Ans. The Referral rebate commission will be from 10% -30%.


Friends, we have given you information about Happy Teen Patti Apk, Download Happy Teen Patti APK, Download Happy Teen Patti Game through this article. If you are also thinking about making money by playing Teen Patti games from your smartphone online. So you download this application without delay and you also win real cash by playing Teen Patti game.

Friends, if you liked this article, then you must give us your opinion by commenting. Apart from this, if you want to get more interesting information related to Teen Patti game rummy game or if you want to get the latest updates about the latest launching Teen Patti game and rummy game then you must bookmark our this website Thank you.


  1. I am Bikash Saikia and my code is 8559522 . I recharged for 100/- on the last 16th August and 500/- also on the last 17th August 2021 . But still the amount has not entered in my wallet . Therefore I am unable to participate in any game . So I request you to take the matter deeply and I hope it will be entered in my wallet at an early date . Thanking you .

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