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Rummy Gogo

Rummy Gogo Apk:- Hi dear readers welcome welcome back to my blog again and i am back with another new rummy app. This is Rummy Gogo Slots apk from the RMG STATION Company. Here are some good rummy apps also available like Rummy Modern, Holy Rummy, Royally Rummy and many more like them. All Rummy App ₹41 Bonus – ₹51 Bonus New Rummy App List 2022

Friends Rummy Gogo is a brand new app and the registration bonus is also very good as they are giving a bonus on signup ₹10 which is playable to convert bonus into winnings. Top 20 to 40 Rummy App List ₹51 Bonus & ₹41 Bonus New Earning Apps

This is going to be a amazing experience as RMG STATION are launching so many new rummy apps here in India and all of them are paying their users. These apps have some uniqueness and cons as well. 666e Rummy Download New Rummy App Download 666 Entertainment

So let us now discuss more about this Rummy Gogo Slots Apk in detail and try to finds out is it worth it to download the rummy gogo or not. Rummy Tour App Download Get ₹1000 New Rummy Tour Apk 2022

About Rummy Gogo Slots Apk

App NameRummy Gogo
Signup BonusRs.50
Referral Link/CodeLink
All Rummy
Referral Code
Referral Bonus30%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Rummy Gogo Apk Download

Rummy Gogo Slots Apk have the largest boost now because this apk have the great gaming options and money making options as well. There has been launching of this new rummy game app recently and this apk got so many users on the same day because this is a legit app. I have also attached the payment proof of this Rummy Gogo Apk.

Friends Rummy Gogo Apk can be used to make money online by playing simple card games such as Teen Patti, Rummy and 1 more game. You can also make money by inviting people. There is ₹2 for every referral and you will also earn commission from each referrals add cash and betting amount.

How To Get Registrati0on Bonus Rs.50 in Rummy Gogo Slots Apk ?

Friends if you are here to download the rummy gogo slots apk and use the bonus to play games then you will have to follow the steps below and then your registration bonus will be credited in your wallet.

1. First of all download the Rummy Gogo Slots Apk.

2. Install the Gogo Slots Apk and open it.

3. Enter the details and verify number with OTP.

4. Finally tap on the register button.

5. Your registration is now completed.

6. Click on get button to receive the signup reward.

Rummy Gogo Payment Proof

What Are The Ways Available To Make Money In Rummy Gogo App

There are only two ways available in the Rummy Gogo App by using which you can earn real cash. You can make money by the standard earning ways:

  1. Play Games and Earn Money
  2. Invite Friends to Earn Money

Games Available In The Rummy Gogo Slots App

  1. Points Rummy
  2. 3 Patti
  3. Fruit Dynasty

Tips & Tricks for Points Rummy:

Indian Rummy Tricks:

  • Use the Sort option on Gamezy to arrange your cards based on suits.
  • Discard high-value cards with no sets
  • Use Joker wisely to finish the game before your opponent.
  • Always look to obtain a pure sequence from the start of the game.

How do you win Points Rummy?

To win points rummy, users will have to declare their cards. To declare, a player must have 14 cards of which one card must be disposed of. Once the card is disposed of, the player should combine the last 13 cards in accordance with the Points Rummy Game Rules. A player wins after declaring if sets meets the validation rummy rules such as: 666e Rummy Download New Rummy App Download 666 Entertainment

  • A minimum of one Pure sequence is completed and valid
  • Jokers are used in accordance to complete the sets
  • Once all the sets are made & declared- the check is complete.

The winning amount in Points Rummy is calculated by:

Winning Prize = (sum of all points that opponent loses x Point Value of the game) – Feed

For example, in a 6 player game with a point value of Rs.0.05, Player 2(10 pts), Player 3(20 pts), Player 4(10 pts), Player 5(20 pts) & Player 6(15 pts) have lost to you. Now the winning amount will be the sum of all the points of players who have lost which is 76 pts. In this case multiplied by point value 0.05 – Rummy fees.

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Refer and Earn Real cash From the Rummy Gogo App

Here in Rummy Gogo Slots Apk you will earn ₹2/Person that means every single download and registration from your invitation link will give your ₹2 as bonus and there is also commission based income which will vary Level to Level.

You will Earn 5% from the deposit of your referrals.

You will also earn commission from your referrals bet amount. The bet amount commission will be from 0.5% to 3%.

Steps To Invite People In Rummy Sogo Slots

  1. Open the Gogo Slots App.
  2. Tap on the referral bonus button.
  3. Tap on the Share button to share the link directly.
  4. You can also copy your invite link.
  5. Then can share the invite link on social media.
Invite NumInvite BonusDeposit BonusGame BonusUpgrade Bonus
1-5₹2/person5% of deposit0.5% of friends win/lose0
6-10₹2/person5% of deposit0.75% of friends win/lose2
11-20₹2/person5% of deposit1% of friends win/lose2
21-30₹2/person5% of deposit1.25% of friends win/lose2
31-40₹2/person5% of deposit1.5% of friends win/lose2
40-60₹2/person5% of deposit1.75% of friends win/lose2
61-80₹2/person5% of deposit2% of friends win/lose2
81-99₹2/person5% of deposit2.5% of friends win/lose2
100-9999₹2/person5% of deposit3% of friends win/lose2


  1. Open the Gogo Slots Rummy App.
  2. Tap on the Wallet button.
  3. Click on Add Cash button here.
  4. Select the amount you want to add >> Tap on Add Cash again.
  5. Choose the browser to complete the transaction.
  6. Follow the instruction and complete the payment in the app.

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This is very easy like all other teen patti and rummy apps rummy gogo slots apk have also the same procedure to withdraw the winnings.

  1. Just Open the Rummy Gogo Slots Apk first.
  2. Tap on the Wallet button then.
  3. Tap on the withdraw button there.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Tap on the bank Account to enter the details.
  6. Enter your bank details and save.
  7. Finally tap on the withdraw button and you will receive your winnings in your bank account.


Q.1 How much the signup bonus will be in Rummy Gogo Slots Apk ?

Ans. Rummy gogo Slots Apk will give you Rs.50 as registration bonus.

Q.2 What is the minimum withdraw amount in rummy gogo slots ?

Ans. You can withdraw minimum Rs.100 from Rummy gogo Slots Apk.

Q.3 Rummy Gogo Slots is legal or not?

Ans. In India only Rummy Game is legal and other games are known as Gambling which is not legal.

Q.4 How many referrals i can have in Rummy Gogo Slots Apk?

Ans. You can invite unlimited people to download Rummy Gogo Slots App.

Q.5 Which company made this rummy gogo slots apk?

Ans. The RMG Station as developed this rummy game app.

Q.6 How many games are available in the rummy game app?

Ans. There are total 3 games which you can play to win money.

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Final Words:-

Friends The Rummy Gogo Slots Apk is a very good app and i have also attached the payment proof that means this is totally legitimate apk which you can use without any fear. Here the referral income and also the signup bonus is 100% winning amount but the minimum withdraw is Rs.100.

So, you must try this new rummy games app to earn money online and it will help your financial health as well.