Rummy World Mod Apk Download ₹41 New Rummy World App


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Rummy World
Rummy World

Download Rummy World Apk in your smartphone now to get your Signup Bonus which you can use to play games and convert the 51 bonus into winnings and withdraw the money in your bank account directly when it reaches Rs.100. For the short term now i can give you the Rummy App list 2022 which you can view to solve all you money problems in you life by playin Dragon vs Tiger game. There is also Best Teen Patti Apk list available which is very effective and easy to earn cash. Teen Patti Baaz App Download, New Teen Patti 2022

As i know about the Rummy World Apk this app has many online money making options in it an so do you want to earn real cash. Although in India everyone wants to earn real money without any struggle and it is bitter truth that money without struggle is not possible but here in World of Rummy Games app you can make real money without any struggle all yo need to do is just invest a small amount and play Dragon vs Tiger game and win bigger jackpots in a minute. Teen Patti Bindaas Apk Download New Rummy Bindaas App 2022

Rummy World Apk Download

You do not have to worry about the download of Rummy World apk because you can easily get the link of the Rummy world app here in this article of the rummy game apk. The Rummy World is very easy to download as i said earlier i will provide you the download link of this Rummy Worlds apk all you need to do is just tap on the download button and install it in your mobile phone easily.

  1. Tap here to visit the download page of Rummy World.
  2. Install the app after the download is finished.
  3. Complete your registration now.
  4. You will get your signup bonus easily.

How To Get Registration Bonus In Rummy World

  1. Click here to visit the Rummy World Download Page.
  2. Tap on the Download button.
  3. Install and open the app.
  4. Tap on the Mobile button.
  5. Now choose Register option below button.
  6. Enter mobile number & Password then, click on send button.
  7. Enter the OTP you got in your mobile number.
  8. Finally tap on the register button.
  9. You will get your registration bonus in your Rummy World wallet.
  10. The bonus is 100% usable in games.

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How to Stop Background Music in Rummy World App?

Whenever you open this game, there is always a background music playing in it, which is not liked by many people, so if you want to close it, then click on the setting button given on the page in which you People will have the option to reduce the music in the Music section, from there you can turn off this music.

Referral Program in Rummy World Apk

The refer and earn program in the Rummy World games apk is also available as yu can make unlimited and uncountable Income from this Rummy World real cash apk. Although you will not see the Refer and Earn button at the place of this you will see a Promote button Instead.

Then here only the players can copy their Invitation Link and then can share anywhere. Here i will tell you about the referral program in details of the Rummy World Mod Apk in the real cash rummy game app all of us wants to make huge income by Just inviting friends and other people who plays the games.

There is a great referral program inside the Islamic World app, with the help of which you can get different types of commissions of Label A, Label B, Level C. In this, you get programs of three different labels, in which you also get three different types of commission, whose information you can see below –

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  1. Level B :– 30%
  2. Level B1 :– 9%
  3. Level B11 :– 2.7%


  • Your Immediate Downstream B Creates 30,000 In Taxes.
  • B’s Downstream B1 Creates 25,000 In Taxes
  • B1’s Downstream B11 Creates 12,000 In Taxes

Your Income: 30,000 X 30% + 25,000 X 30% X 30% +12,000 X 30% X 30% X 30%= ₹11574.

Here’s How The Referral Commission Is Calculated

  • Direct Downstream: Taxes Creates X 30%
  • 2nd Downstream: Taxes Created X 30% X 30% And So On.

VIP Club in Rummy World App

A VIP program has been given inside it, on which if you click, then many options come in front of you VIP’s, in which if you go to a higher level, then very good and more weekly bonuses. And you will be able to get a program like Monthly Bolo.

In which if you want to go from VIP 0 to VIP 1 then you have to bet ₹ 1,000 inside the game and if you want to go from VIP 2 to VIP 3 then you have to bet ₹ 10,000. And by doing this, you have to do different types of betting to get each level, after which you keep running into many different types of rewards.

How To Add Money In World Rummy App

If you have UPI ID debit card credit card or any wallet to make payment in World Rummy App then you can add payment with very ease. Follow the below steps to add a payment.

  • On the home page you will see an option of Buy Coin.
  • Now you click on the Buy Coin option.
  • You here select as many coins as you want to add to your account.
  • I want to tell you for all the user information that one coin is worth one rupee.
  • Now complete your KYC.
  • You can now add payments through your UPI ID paytm Debit Credit Card.

Rummy World Invite Friends And Earn Money Program

In the Rummy World Game application, you get the facility to pay a minimum of ₹100. Follow the below steps to make a payment Withdrawal.

Rummy World Referral Reward
  • Click on the withdrawal icon on the home page.
  • Now fill in the amount you want to Withdrawal.
  • You can transfer the payment directly to your bank account or you can also pay through your UPI ID if you want.
  • Now add your bank account details or UPI ID details.
  • After you add all the information, click on the video button below.
  • After completing this process, your payment will be successfully completed.

How many Games Are There in Rummy World Apk?

Within this Apk, you get a chance to play total 15 different types of games and in these you get to see almost every type of game along with some very different types of games, then if you guys also want to know all these games Which games are there, then you can see in this list given below which games are present in it –

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Matka
  4. Roulette
  5. Daruma
  6. Red and black
  7. Thunder Fire
  8. Cash Mania
  9. Dragon Tiger Fight
  10. Andar Bahar
  11. Fruit Classic
  12. Dice Treasure
  13. Video Poker
  14. Penguin Queen
  15. Mayan Empire

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Just Explore the Activity Popup In Rummy World

Here we Upload some Latest Updated Version of Rummy World Apk Picture so User can Understand the Game Play and It’s Layout, We Give Below Screen.

Referral Reward Calculation Chart

In order to give back to the agents for their support of the company and increase the income of the agents, This is the extra money making option provided by the real cash rummy world apk as you are going to get Extra Rewards. Rummy World has formulated the following referral reward plan.

Share Cash Reward

Rummy World latest offer get exclusive link in and enjoy benefits. This share Cash options is rewarding about the commission that you will earn. This includes the 30% of your friends tax amount.

The more you share the more you earn

Daily First Deposit Bonus in Rummy World

User will get extra cash rewards for the first deposit. the more deposit the more rewards. rummy world wishes you good luck and success. Rummy world apk is now providing the cashback on your daily first deposit.

This means when the player will add cash into the Rummy World apk for the first time on every day they will receive the cashback in their World Rummy wallet.

Rummy World Loss Compensation

If the user losses in the game on that day he will receive compensation from rummy world. Rummy world hopes that the user can tirn defeat into victory and make a lot of profits.

Note:- Any misuse of bonus claiming, bet illegal software, bonus and profit of the bonus will canceled after investigation.

First Deposit Bonus At Rummy World Apk

Hey this is the different the the first daily deposit this cashback will be available on the first deposit on the apk only and you will receive cash on the minimum add cash of Rs.51.

Vip Promotion Reward

In Order to give back to our members for their strong support for rummy worlds, rummy worlds has launched a vip promotion reward program. Billions of bonuses are waiting you get. the higher level, the more bonuses you can get.

Withdraw Program in Rummy World App

In the Rummy World Game application, you get the facility to pay a minimum of ₹100. Follow the below steps to make a payment Withdrawal.

  • Click on the withdrawal icon on the home page.
  • Now fill in the amount you want to Withdrawal.
  • You can transfer the payment directly to your bank account or you can also pay through your Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm or UPI ID if you want.
  • Now add your bank account details or UPI ID details.
  • After you add all the information, click on the video button below.
  • After completing this process, your payment will be successfully completed.

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