Teen Patti Wingo Bonus 36 Apk Download New Rummy Wingo App


Teen Patti Wingo, Download Rummy Wingo Apk, New Teen Patti App 2022

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Teen Patti Wingo
Teen Patti Wingo

Teen Patti Wingo Apk is a new teen patti rummy earning app which is recently released on the internet and the registration bonus you will receive in the app is also usable like all the other rummy and teen patti real money games app. Teen Patti Master is the most favorite apk for all the players and users and that also Include Happy Ace Casino App.

Dear Rummy Game users you all wants to know that how these applications work and why they pay you to play and why should you use there rummy earning apps instead of playing rummy on a single rummy game app. As here you have the totally opposite option as there are more than 20 games in the Wingo Rummy App for all their new and old users.

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What is Wingo Teen Patti Apk All About ,Rummy Wingo App

Teen Patti Wingo Apk Encourage healthy gaming and have all the fun that you can have in your life without any kind of Financial pressure. Wingo must maintain a clean gaming environment for well-meaning users will be suspended who are behaving illegal activities in the app. Although thie rummy 41 bonus apk is providing you a Sum of Rs.36 as registration bonus in the app which is quite impressive as you can utilize that to win real cash and redeem as well.

Rummy Wingo Teen Patti Apk has all the online card games which are required in any app to play and win money as you will see 3 types of rummy games itself like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy as well. So you have other 19+ Online Gambling games in the app as well.

The Teen Patti Wingo Apk also comes with the Refer and Earn program where you can invite like othe real cash rummy games apk with no limit and earn real cash from those referral sin commission and for fix referral amount as well.

You might be also aware with the other Gambling rummy apps but you have not seen the apps like you will earn unlimited cash from those app and your account will also be not frozen.

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How To Receive the Registration bonus In Wingo Teen Patti Apk

1. First of all download the Rummy Wingo App.

2. Install and open the 3 patti apk.

3. Tap on the Registration button from right side below.

4. Enter your details and tap on OTP.

5. Now verify number with an OTP and complete registration.

6. The user will receive their bonus instantly in the app.

The bonus you receive is 100% usable and that can be also redeemable when you reach the minimum redeem amount which is Rs.100 only.

What is Deposit?

The deposit is an Option by using which player who wants to earn money by playing games in the app. They can use this option to Add Cash into the 3 patti Wingo app and use that money to play game against the other players and beat them in the games.

So you simply Add Money into the app using this Deposit option given in the 3 patti Wingo apk.

How To Deposit Cash in Teen Patti Wingo Apk?

The process is very simple the players just need to follow the Instructions in the app or if you do not know then repeat the steps below.

1. Open the Teen Patti Wingo Apk.

2. Tap on the Deposit button.

3. Select the cash amount you want to add.

4. Now tap on confirm button.

5. Choose the browser to finish the task.

6. Now complete your payment in 3 Patti Wingo Apk.

Once you have completed the payment you can come back in the app and check your wallet there will be your deposited money the the Rummy Wingo wallet as deposit cash.

Teen Patti Wingo VIP Privileges

The VIP privileges is the option where you can claim your extra bonus and those Extra cash in the teen patti real cash app in the form of Sign in Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus and Level bonus as well.

These VIP privileges bonuses are based on the VIP level of the players. More th level more your bonus will be and there is also Add Cash offers available in the Wingo 3 Patti Apk and you can become the VIP by just Adding Rs.500 into your Rummy Wingo wallet.

How Can in Become the VIP In Rummy Wingo Apk?

This is very easy to be a VIP in 3 Patti Wingo apk. All you need to do is just Add Minimum of 500 Coins in the Teen Patti Wingo App and you will become an VIP1. The VIP One players will have all four benefits as they will receive extra Login Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Level and monthly bonus as well.

So what are you waiting for add rs.500 in your rummy wingo app account and become the vip and enjoy its benefits.

Teen Patti Wingo Gaming Rebate

Game Rebate is the bonus that you will be receiving on your daily turn over. This is the option for the palyers who play games in the app. Just Play more and get more is the moto of this Game Rebate earning.

Turnover amountRebate ratio
Rummy Wingo Game Rebate
  1. According to the turnover amount generated by the daily game, you can get the corresponding rebate ratio gold coins.
  2. The reward can be received the next day and will only be reserved for 1 day.
  3. The stats will update daily in the Mid Night.

Promotions Keep Sharing in 3 Patti Wingo App

Keep Sharing Keep Winning Promo, Hi players, Members and Agents we have new Promo launch “Keep Sharing Keep Winning”.

Activity Rules

  1. Teen Patti Wingo will provide videos of the gaming applications and that will be shared to all applicable social media platforms. It can be on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.
  2. All members who wants to join will give them 100 rs they just need to upload the videos in the said social media platform. (All members must have 3-5 refers with 2-3 recharge before they get the reward).
  3. This sharing will be a daily even good for seven days and will ask the players or member to send them the link for them to check of it is uploaded or shared as a proof.
  4. If the member complete the daily sharing post within 7 days they will get additional reward.

Super Rebate Program in Rummy Wingo

When you place a bet in any game, you will receive the rebate the next day. The amount of rebate will be based on the game’s turnover volume (upto 0.2%).

For Example:- If you reach a total turnover of 3,00,000 INR, you will receive 600INR the next day midnight.

  1. Any player who successfully places valid bets amounting to 100 and above are eligible for this program.
  2. Rebate will be valid for 1 day and will automatically be forfeited upon expiration.

Some Tips For Agents To Earn More as Promoter

  1. Promote through email/links, SMS or Social medis-chat software such as Whatsapp,Facebook and etc.
  2. Promote by sharing your videos or live stream on several video platforms.
  3. Promotion and drainage through post bar, forum, etc.

Friends mak everything more interesting. Bring your friends to game and earn 30% commission.

Refer and Earn money in Teen Patti Wingo Apk Like Pro

Here in Rummy Wingo Apk you can invite and earn as well and there will be no limit on inviting people to the app all the players have their unique referral link and user id as well. When you copy and share your invitation link with friends and they download the app using your referral link they are counted in your team for lifetime.

You will earn commission the 3 Patti Wingo Apk for lifetime as there is a commission in Teen Patti Wingo Apk. You will earn 30% commission from your referrals who will play games in the app.

The Promoters will also earn Rs.100 from every referral who complete a certain task in the app of Add Cash as when your invited people will Deposit Cash into the app of 1000rs or more in the Rummy Wingo Apk you will receive Rs.100 Instantly.

Invite & Earn In Teen Patti Wingo Earning App

1. Open the Teen Patti Wingo Apk.

2. Tap on the Refer and Earn button.

3. Click on the Copy link button.

4. Paste your referral link any where and share it.

5. more your Invite more you earn.

6. You can also use the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

How Many Games Are Available In 3 Patti Wingo Apk

Hobi Multiplayer Games

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Car Roulette
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Roulette
  5. Win Go
  6. Baccarat
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Matka
  10. Warcraft Roulette
  11. Andar Bahar
  12. Andar Bahar Go
  13. Best Of Five
  14. Red vs Black

Skill Games In Wingo Rummy

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Deep Sea Awakening
  3. Rummy
  4. Ace War
  5. Black Jack
  6. 10 Cards
  7. Duel of the Sea King

Wingo Rummy Slot Games

  1. PubG
  2. 777 Fruit
  3. Honor of Kings

How To Withdraw Money From Wingo Teen Patti App

1. First of all Open the Teen Patti Wingo App.

2. Tap on the withdraw button.

3. Enter your UPI or Bank Account details.

4. Now enter the amount to withdraw.

5. Finally tap on the withdraw button.

FAQs Of Teen Patti Wingo App Download

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Of Teen Patti Wingo

Q.1. What does Teen Patti Wingo APK Bonus sign look like?
Answer: We receive a bonus of 41 in the Teen Patti Wingo App.

Q.2. What is the minimum withdrawal amount in the Wingo Teen Patti?
Answer : The minimum withdrawal amount in the Teen Patti Wingo app is 200.

Q.3. How many video games total does Teen Patti Wingo APK have?
Answer : There are a total of 17 games in this application.

Q.4. What kind of customer service is offered in Teen Patti Wingo App ?
Answer : You have access to two different types of customer support through this application: online customer support and one-on-one support.

Q.5. Will the Teen Patti Wingo app allow us to play PUBG?
Answer : This Wongo APK does not contain the PUBG game. However, if you would like to play it, you can download the Teen Patti Wingo App, which includes it.

Q.6. What Is Teen Patti Wingo App?
Answer : Teen Patti Wingo Is A Gaming Application. In This App, You Can Play Many Games Like Dragon Vs Tiger, 7 UP Down, Etc, And Win Money.

Q.7. What Is The Minimum Withdraw Amount Of Teen Patti Wingo?
Answer : The Minimum Withdraw Amount Is Rs.100 That You Can Withdraw In Your Bank Account.

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