Teen Patti Global Apk 51 Bonus New Rummy Global App Download


Teen Patti Global, New Rummy Global, New Earning App 2022

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Teen Patti Global
Teen Patti Global

Teen Patti Invitation Code TGT8i1. Teen Patti Global App is very new and amazing rummy app which the gamers and card game lovers can download and play their favorite card game from the app and start making money. As of now there are 19+ Casino games available and all of them are available for all the users of Rummy Global App. Happy Ace Casino Apk Download ₹50 Bonus New Rummy Earning App

We are sharing this new rummy app 2022 Patti Global Apk with you because we only want all of you to make money online because my users and readers are my priority to serve and to complete all the landmarks i need to serve my readers better with good earning app and also by providing you the vast number online earning rummy apps and games for you guys. Teen Patti Invitation Code TGT8i1. Top 20 Rummy App List To Make Money Without Investment

Teen Patti AppGlobal Rummy
Signup BonusRs.51
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.5 + 5% + 1.5%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer

Know More About Teen Patti Global, Rummy Global, Global Teen Patti, 3 Patti Global App

Teen Patti Global can also be said as Rummy Global App because In India we have very tricky and Jugadu people many people search with we all just want to earn money because the reputation of people who have money is always more than simple person.

When you download Teen Patti Global Apk and complete your registration you will receive the signup reward of Rs.41 instantly which is also usable in the app and you can also withdraw the minimum Redeem amount Rs.100 only. You are eligible to play any kind of Card game in the app and start earning money for your life.

This Rummy Global Apk gives you 6 online earning ways including with Refer and Earn, Cash back options and there are many more as well. You are going to earn 30% lifetime commission from your referral and will also get Rs.100 for every valid referral in the Teen Patti Global Rummy game App.

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How To Download Global Teen Patti Apk

To download Global Rummy games Apk you will just have to tap on the download button above and complete your steps to get the bonus and follow the instruction you will get step by step on the app.

  1. Click here to visit the official Teen Patti Global.
  2. Tap on the download button.
  3. Your apk will be download easily.
  4. Install the app in your phone.

Teen Patti Invitation Code TGT8i1

Get Registration Bonus In Teen Patti Global Apk, Rummy Global App

You will get your Signup Bonus when you complete your registration in the app. Follow the steps below and get your new user reward instantly.

1. Download the Teen Patti Global Apk First.

2. Install and Open the App.

3. Tap on the guest login button.

4. Click on the Mobile Icon with Rs.10.

5. Fill the form and complete your registration.

6. Now Enter your bank details and Save.

7. Now Click on Refer and Earn button.

8. Click on Bind Parent button Teen Patti Invitation Code TGT8i1.

9. You will receive your registration bonus in the Global Rummy App.

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What Games Are Available For Teen Patti Global App Players

  1. Mine
  2. Double
  3. Crash
  4. Teen Patti
  5. Rummy
  6. Zoo Roulette
  7. Benz BMW
  8. Ludo
  9. Slots
  10. Dragon Tiger
  11. Deep Sea Fishing
  12. 7 Up 7 Down
  13. Andar Bahar
  14. Lucky Dice
  15. Fortune Wheel
  16. Win Go
  17. Poker King
  18. AK47
  19. 10 Card Rummy
  20. Points rummy
  21. Deals Rummy

How Cumulative Rewards Work In Rummy Globle Apk

Teen Patti Globle Apk also have this Reward which is known as Cumulative rewards and this a percentage from your Turnover amount. Yu can tap on Receive reward button to get the cumulative reward in the app.

Activity Rules

  1. According to the turnover amount generated by the daily game. you can get the corresponding rebate ratio gold coins.
  2. The reward can be received the next day and will only be reserved for 1 day. Expiration will be regarded as an automatic waiver of the reward!.
  3. Statistics time 00:00:00 – 23:59:59 every day.
  4. Rewards can only be received after reaching VIP1.
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Supreme Weekly Card Bonus In Globel Teen Patti

The weekly bonus is available for Rs.200 only and this you can by easily by tapping on the Weekly button. Then Click on 200 button and add cash of Rs.200.

When you buy a Weekly Supreme Card of Rs.200 then you will get Rs.270 in a week. You will get Rs.200 instantly and then Rs.10 for 7 days that makes total Rs.270.

Supreme Monthly Card Teen Patti Global App

The monthly bonus also works as weekly card bonus and you will get extra cash bonus than you will add inthe Rummy Globel Account. The Monthly Card you can buy for Just rs.980 and you will get Extra Rs.300 in 30 days.

You will have to click on the Monthly button and then click on the 980 button. Add same amount in the app and get Rs.980 instantly and next Rs.300 in 30 days.

Teen Patti Globle VIP Privileges

Teen Patti Globle Apk also have the VIP option in the app itself. When the user download the Rummy Globle apk and register into the app for the first time they are known as VIP 0. This is teh very first level which is default for all players.

There are Total 10 VIP levels in this Teen Patti Global App and all of them can be achieved by the user who plays games in this rummy game app and add cash into the app.

VIP LevelRecharge Required
VIP 0Rs.0
VIP 1Rs.500
VIP 2Rs.10000
VIP 3Rs.30000
VIP 4Rs.250000
VIP 5Rs.750000
VIP 6Rs.2000000
VIP 7Rs.4000000
VIP 8Rs.7500000
VIP 9Rs.10000000
VIP 10Rs.15000000

Add Cash Program Of Rummy Global Apk

The Add Cash option is for those who earn money by playing games in the app and have guts to invest their money in the games to make real cash. The Teen Patti Earning App has this feature that can make your money online in your smartphone only without going anywhere.

The minimum money you can add in the Globle Rummy Apk is Just Rs.11 and the maximum amount you can add at a time is Rs.50000. If we talk about the maximum limit of add cash in a day then there is no such limit means you can add as much as you can.

How To Load Cash in The Teen Patti Global Apk ?

  1. Open the Teen Patti Global App.
  2. Tap on the Add Cash button.
  3. Tap on the Add Cash amount.
  4. Click on Add Chips button.
  5. Select the browser to complete the payment.
  6. Now Complete your Transaction.

Agency Weekly Bonus In Globle Teen Patti

There is also a weekly bonus available in the Teen Patti Global App. This depends on the referral income. One thing here is you can earn Weekly Bonus without VIP and can get the weekly bonus minimum Rs.500.

The Minimum Weekly bonus is Rs.500 and the maximum weekly bonus is Rs.200000. You can claim that every week Monday and before Sunday evening. Then the Monday weekly bonus will be replaced by the latest one so you have to claim it before it disappears.

This is the weekly extra bonus for the agents with good record. The agent extra weekly bonus will be delivered each Monday.

You have to claim the agent bonus in one week, which will expire after one week.


1. Open the Global Teen Patti App.

2. Tap on the Refer and Earn button.

3. Copy your invitation link.

4. Share the link with your friends and family.

5. You can invite people from social media as well.

6. There is no limit on inviting people using your link.

NationWide Agency Reward in Teen Patti Globel

Steps To Refer a Friend Bonus

  1. Promote through email, links.SMS or social media – chat software such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  2. Promote by publishing video / or live software on social media such as instagram, Youtube / or Facebook.
  3. Promotion and drainage through post bar,forum,etc.

Friends make everything more interesting. Bring your friends to Patti Global and earn 30% commission .Isn’t this a sweet deal? Recommend a friend can get 30% commission, but please consider recommending multiple friends!Invite as many friends as Possible.


There are two options to withdraw your winnings from the app as you can have your money in your bank account and UPI as well. Both the options are provided by the company you can choose any from them or can add both and withdraw in both that is your choice.


1. Open the Globel Rummy App.

2. Tap on the withdraw button.

3. Select Bank Account option.

4. Tap on the +Bankaccount option.

5. Enter your bank details and save.

6. Enter the amount to withdraw.

7. Finally tap on withdraw button.


1. Open the Globle Rummy App.

2. Tap on the withdraw button.

3. Select UPI option.

4. Tap on the +UPI option.

5. Enter your UPI details and save.

6. Enter the amount to withdraw.

7. Finally tap on withdraw button.



Ans. The Rummy Global Game apk is online gambling gaming app which contains more than 20 card games that users can play to earn money and win cash.


Ans. There are two options of money making in the Globle rummy app are:

  1. Play Card Games and Earn Real Money
  2. Refer and Earn
  3. Play Cricket betting


Ans. Open the Global Teen Patti App >> Tap on the Withdraw button >> Select the withdraw options >> Enter the withdraw amount >> Tap on withdraw button.


Ans. Global Teen Patti Apk was released by the rummy game company on 22nd July 2022.


Ans. The minimum withdraw amount is Just Rs.100


Ans. The Minimum Add Cash amount in Globle Teen Patti App is Rs.11 only.