Rummy Model Apk Download ₹51 Bonus New Rummy Model App


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Rummy Model

Download Rummy Model Game App and Get the registration bonus when you bind your mobile number with it and you must use your correct number as you will have to confirm account with an OTP. This is also new Rummy Teen Patti App which is providing you the list of many games that you can use to play and win more money using your mobile phone only.

About Rummy Model

Rummy Model is a Rummy Teen Patti App which have more than 15 Games in it and you can play the games according to that you can make money from Model Rummy Apk. Here in Rummy Model App you will get ₹51 as registration bonus and can also use the bonus to play games and win more money from it.

The Rummy Model App h is available for you to download here and you can install it in your mobile phone and bind your mobile. You will get Signup Bonus of Rs.51 and also you will earn Referral Income 30% Lifetime commission from all you referrals Tax amount. If you can’t invite then you have many games that you can play to earn money.

Yes, you get great games like Ludo Game, Poker Game, Dragon Vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy Game to play games in Rummy Club application, which are the first choice of most of the users.

App NameRummy Model
Signup BonusRs.51
Referral Link/CodeLink/2281412
Referral Bonus30% Commission
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer

How To Download Rummy Model Apk

If you want to download the Rummy Model Apk then you will have to visit the Model Rummy Website and here you will get the download button. When you click on the download button your Rummy Model Game Apk will get started to download and then you can install it successfully.

  1. Visit the official Model Rummy Link.
  2. Tap on download button.
  3. Install the app after download.
  4. Get registration bonus when you bind number.

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Rummy Model Refer and Earn Program

Invite and Earn unlimited money in Rummy Model Apk. You can earn commission from your each referral who will play games in Model Rummy Apk. More your referral will play more taxes and commission you can earn from them.

You will earn 30% commission from your referrals Tax amount lifetime. Although every second app have the same refer and system but Happy Ace Casino Have different and great referral system you can read the Teen Patti Master as well.

There are many Rummy and Teen Patti apps are available which will give you the referral system so that you can make some extra money this options is for whom who don’t want to play and still want to earn so you can use the Invite & Earn option to make Extra Income from Rummy Model App.

Refer your friends and family to earn extra income earn 30% Tax amount from your all referrals and you can withdraw the referral income direct into your bank account as well. More you invite more the money you can earn and there are also other 2-3 refer and earn system available in Model Rummy game App.

Steps to Refer and Earn

  1. Open the Rummy Model App.
  2. Tap on Refer and Earn button.
  3. Click on Share link button.
  4. Your link will be copied in you clipboard.
  5. Paste your referral link anywhere and invite.

Share and Earn Program of Rummy Model App

The Refer and Earn program and Share & Earn system both can work on same referral link but both will be rewarding differently. In Refer Earn program you earn 30% tax commission from your invites and in share and earn you will earn ₹100 from each referral.

This ₹100 will from be from each successful referral and by successful referral i mean that when your referral will Add Cash ₹1000 or more into their Rummy Model Wallet then you will get ₹100 from your referral. You can earn ₹100 from each referral but they must have to add ₹1000 minimum into their Model Rummy Account.

Steps To Share and Earn Link

  1. Open the Rummy Model App.
  2. Tap on Share icon.
  3. Copy referral link.
  4. Paste your link anywhere on social media.

Weekly Bonus Rummy Model

There is also one more extra Income source available in Rummy Model app. Here you can earn weekly bonus from this Teen Patti Rummy App. Here the referral system give you the option of weekly bonus as well. you can win minimum ₹500 and tha maximum weekly bonus you can earn is ₹200000.

This weekly bonus is depends on the referral income you earn in one week. As you can see clearly from the Name of this rewards Weekly Bonus means you will get bonus every week. You will get weekly bonus on Every Monday of the week which you can claim in Weekly Bonus option in Refer and Earn Tab.

How To Claim Weekly Bonus In Rummy Model

  1. Open the Rummy Model Apk.
  2. Tap on the Refer and Earn button.
  3. Scroll down >> find weekly bonus.
  4. Tap on the weekly bonus option.
  5. Click on claim button and withdraw.

List of Weekly Bonus If Referral Weekly Bonus Ranges From To Then Extra Weekly Bonus

Rs.1000 – 3000 = Rs.500

Rs.3001 – 5000 = Rs.1000

Rs.5001 – 8000 = Rs.3000

Rs.8001 – 10000 = Rs.6000

Rs.10001 – 15000 = Rs.10000

Rs.15001 – 20000 = Rs.15000

Rs.20001 – 30000 = Rs.20000

Rs.30001 – 50000 = Rs.30000

Rs.50001 – 80000 = Rs.60000

Rs.80001 – 100000 = Rs.100000

Rs.100000 – Above = Rs.200000

Note:- The weekly bonus is also available for VIP Member/Player of the Rummy Model App.

Progress Bonus in Rummy Model App

Rummy Model has increased the earning options in Rummy Model Apk itself and has added Progress Bonus in it. You will see this option in Refer and Earn Tap/button. When you click on Refer and Earn button just scroll down little bit and you can see Progress Bonus just under the Weekly Bonus option.

Now Click on the Progress Bonus option in Rummy Model Refer and Earn page and you can see the equation of Progress bonus.

Here i will try to tell yu by an Example that how can you calculate your progress bonus. First of all you will receive Progress Bonus only when you are a Level 1 VIP In Rummy Model Apk.

Second Condition:- Your Current Week Income from referral must be greater that the last week referral income.

Suppose:- If you had earned ₹1000 in the last to last week as refer and earn income and ₹2000 you earned in the Last week referral income then your Progress bonus will be:- ₹2000 – ₹1000 divided by 2 means your progress bonus income will be ₹500.


1. Open the Rummy Model Apk.

2. Tap on VIP button.

3. Now Click on Buy Button.

4. Choose 501 from & Tap on Add Chips.

5. Browser will Open Enter your KYC details.

6. Now Complete the Payment and Come back.

7. You are an VIP at Rummy Model App Now.

How To Get Registration Bonus in Rummy Model App

If you want to get the Registration bonus of ₹51 in Rummy Model app then you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. First of all visit the Rummy Model App Website.
  2. Tap on Download button to download Rummy Model Apk.
  3. Install and Open the App.
  4. Your Guest account will be created and have Rs.1 only.
  5. To Get Extra Rs.41 Tap on User Icon and click on bound button.
  6. Enter the information needed and tap on OTP.
  7. Verify your account with an OTP and Confirm your account.
  8. Now You have Rs.41 in your account and can use to make money.


There are many games are available that you can play and earn money. there are many Skill based games are available and many Gambling Multi Player games are also available which do not required any skills to play and you can still earn unlimited money.

Other Games You Can Play at Rummy Model Game App

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Fantasy Sports
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Car Roulette Dragon Vs Tiger
  6. Andar Bahar
  7. Bacarrat
  8. Best of Five
  9. Fruit Line
  10. Poker
  11. Fishing Rush
  12. 10 Cards
  13. 3 Card Poker
  14. Poker
  15. Ludo
  16. Fantasy


  1. Open the Rummy Model App.
  2. Tap on Withdraw button.
  3. Enter the amount to withdraw should be at least 100.
  4. Tap on Withdraw button.
  5. Wait for 5 min You get money in account.

Minimum Withdraw

The minimum withdraw is Just Rs.100.

Rummy Model Apk, Rummy Model App, Rummy Model New Apk FAQ

Q.1. How Can I get 11 rupees sign up bonus in Rummy model app?
Ans. If you want to get rupees 51 in this application then you have to download this game and register in this application,

Q.2. Can I play Rummy game in Rummy model app?
Ans. Of course you can definitely play Rummy game in this Rummy model application.

Q.3. What is the sign of Bonus in model Rummy apk?
Ans. The sign-up bonus is rupees 41.

Q.4. What is the minimum Withdrawal in this application?
Ans. If you complete minimum rupees 100 then you can withdrawal.

Q.5. What is minimum amount i can withdraw in Rummy model app?
Ans. You can add minimum rupees 10 only.

Q.6. Is Rummy Model Apk Safe?
Ans. If you guys want to know whether this application is safe or not, then let us tell you that no Rummy application is safe, because financial risk is involved in all these games and you may also suffer a lot of loss. Maybe that’s why this application is also not safe, but gives payment, if you guys make any kind of withdrawal in it, then you will get your withdrawal, if it does not come then you will also take its support,

Q.7. How to Add Money in Rummy Model Apk?
Ans. You can add money inside this application by adopting the following methods

  • First of all you need to know that inside this application you can add minimum ₹ 11.
  • Then as soon as you people click on the button of Add Cash, then you will get many options to select payment.
  • After that you can also select the minimum ₹ 10 in this,
  • And then click on the button of Add Cash, then for the first time you will have to give KYC information.
  • After filling the KYC details and clicking on Confirm, after that you people will go to the payment page,
  • Where you can make payment by any means, here you will also get the option of UPI and card with bank.

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