Trever Teen Patti Apk Download ₹51 New Trever Teen Patti App


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Trever Teen Patti Download. Trever Teen Patti is name Taken from Rummy Wealth and this App Looks similar to the Website of Teen Patti Baaz. Although we are going to talk about this great new teen patti app. Hence Trever Teen Patti is New Teen Patti App and Have Rs.39 as registration bonus which is more than few Teen Patti Apps Which Give Rs.5 only. So you can download Trever Teen Patti Apk to get More bonus and Play Teen Patti and many other Casino Games as well.

Trever Teen Patti is an Gaming and Fantasy App where your can Play Fantasy Cricket and Many other Fantasy Games and also Ludo is available in this app now. Including these two we have Casino Games available as well which is Divided into Multi Player and Skill Games. I will tell you about those games later. Best Rummy App List 2022 Earn ₹5000 Daily Unlimited Earnings

Downloading Trever Teen Patti Games App Will Give you the opportunity to Play Dragon vs Tiger and Win big amount and make your dreams come true using this app. Many Other games are also available like Anadar Bahar, Roulette and many more to go. Happy Ace Casino App Download ₹/30 Signup & Unlimited Referral Income

About Trever Teen Patti, Trever Teen Pattiy, Trever Teen Patti Apk

About Trever Teen Patti Download this is the New Teen Patti App which was launched in the January Month of 2021 by MYCLOCK TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. This Rummy Company has launched many Rummy and Teen Patti App like Teen Patti Baaz, Royally Rummy, Rummy Noble and many more.

If you download the Trever Teen Pattiy App then you will get Rs.51 as signup bonus and the bonus you will get here in teen patti welth apk can be used 100% for playing casino games. Like we all know the trend of making money is playing Online Games at gaming platforms and you will love to know that here in Trever Teen Patti app you will get more than 20 choices of games that you can play and earn money as well.

App NameTrever Teen Patti
Signup BonusRs.40
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral BonusRs.40
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer

There is also one other and many other options i can say available in Trever Teen Patti App just like Refer and Earn is the must and every single and new rummy app have this but along with this Trever Teen Patti App many other Earnings options are also available like Daily Login bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus, VIP Bonus, daily Rebate, and many more which i will let you know only at referralcodeapp and the Trever Teen Patti article.

Payment Proof

How To Get Registration Bonus at Trever Teen Patti

1. Visit Trever Teen Patti Website.

2. Tap on Download button to download app.

3. Install and Open the app.

4. Your guest account will be created automatically.

5. So, Tap on User icon now and Then Click on Bound button.

6. Enter Phone Number, Password and Tap on OTP button.

7. Enter OTP and Tap on Confirm button to create account.

8. Now your account is created successfully and ready to earn money.

9. You can Check Your Account have Rs.39 in Total.

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How Can i Download The Trever Teen Patti App

As you all know now days many fake rummy and teen patti website are launching daily who just come to the market and make your money work for them only Trever Teen Pattiy app is not like that but here Trever teen patti you can earn good money by playing multiplayer online gambling games and by inviting your friends as well But you must not apply any cheat to save your account from freezing itself and do some simple steps to play dragon vs tiger in Trever Teen Patti app.

If you want to download the Trever Teen Patti App then you can download it easily from the download button below all you have to do is just click on the download button below and then follow the instructions given below if you don’t know how to install and get the registration bonus. The registration process to get the signup bonus is given above so you must see the above given steps to get the registration bonus.

Steps To Download The Trever Teen Patti

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Visit the official site of Trever Teen Patti.
  3. Tap on download button to begin the download.
  4. Now you can install the Trever Teen Patti in your mobile.
  5. You must use the smartphone to install and run the Trever teen patti app.

How To Earn Money at Trever Teen Patti Apk

There are many Games available in Trever Teen Patti app but there is mainly two ways by which you can earn money at Trever Teen Patti app. You can Play Games and Earn money at this Teen Patti App is the First Way. Refer your friends and Family or any other person to play Games and Earn money is the Second Way to Earn money at Trever Teen Patti App.

Trever Teen Patti REFER AND EARN

Refer your friends and family to download Trever Teen Patti and Earn 30% lifetime commission from your referrals Tax amount. You can invite as many as people you can because there is no limit in inviting friends at Trever Teen Patti Apk. Trever Teen Patti also Gives your 1% Extra income on their investment.

Also There is Weekly Bonus available in the Trever Teen Patti App and will tell you later about this Earning as well.

How To Refer and Earn

  1. Open Teen Patti Heaven Apk.
  2. Tap on Agent button.
  3. Click on Share button.
  4. You referral link will be copied share it with your friends and family.
  5. More you invite more you will earn.

Trever Teen Patti Play Games & Earn

There are many Casino and many Multi-Player Card games available in the Trever Teen Patti App. You can Play all of them and Win Real Money. Start Playing and Earning money. You can use your skills to play and win the games.

Beat you opponents to win money at Rummy and Teen Patti Games and Other Games as well.

Multi Player Games

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. & Up Down
  3. Roulette
  4. Anadar Bahar
  5. Best of Five
  6. Teen Patti 20-20

Skill Games

  1. Ludo
  2. 10 Cards
  3. Variation
  4. Poker
  5. Rummy
  6. Teen Patti
  7. Black Jack

Progress Bonus

Trever Teen Patti Apk also giving extra bonus on Weekly Behalf and this depending on the Refer and Earn income you earn in a week. If the Refer and Earn income in the latest week is more than the last week earning then you will earn this Progress Bonus in Trever Teen Patti App.

*Referral Reward Rummy Trever App*

Bonus Earning Rules Each valid sub-player will Return you Rs.100 as bonus. If the sub-players recharges up tors.1000 and above, becomes valid player. Share through whatsapp, facebook, YouTube and other social media.

You will Earn bonus continuously on Refer & Earn Page.

*Gifts for New Users Rummy Trever Apk*

Im glad that you joined the game. New registration will give you 1 gold coins for you to experience the game, and after binding your personal mobile phone number, you can get 50 gold coins as a reward. Join the game and experience it together. At the same time, there are Loss relief funds and betting Tournament funds to help you play better without any worries.

*Agent reward TeenPatti Trever*

Dear members: Our company has recently launched an account opening agent, inviting offline friends to recharge and Entertainment designated games, you can get a 2% commission reward of your friend’s bet amount, and invite your friends to Participate as soon as possible. Get more profit, if you have any questions, please Feel Free to consult online customer service!

Loss Relief Funds Trever Rummy

From now on, as long as all members who have recharged and Played game in Rummy Trever, betting on the game, if the day is unlucky and the game loses, you can apply for Loss Rescue reward to provide continuous help for your game.

For example, if the member loses 8000 in the game on that day, he will receive a rescue bonus of 8000*10%=800 these activity will automatic add the chip to customer the second day 10 am.

Trever Teen Patti SHARE AND EARN

You can also earn Extra referral income which also known as Share and Earn money. In this you will earn Rs.100 for each new referral who will Add Chips of Rs.1000 or more into their Trever Teen Patti Account.

Every time a new referral will do this task you will earn Rs.100 extra.

How To Share and Earn

  1. Open the Trever Teen Patti App.
  2. Tap on Share button.
  3. Click on Copy link button.
  4. Paste anywhere you want to make referral from.
  5. You can have unlimited referrals.
  6. You can earn unlimited money as well.

Trever Teen Patti Weekly Bonus

There is also Weekly Bonus available in Trever Teen Patti apk. You will get Extra Bonus Every Moday which is known as Weekly Bonus and This depends on your Weekly Earnings from your referrals. The more you earn deom your referrals in a Week The more you will earn Weekly Bonus. Rummy Modern App – Download Get 41rs Signup Bonus

List of Weekly Bonus If Referral Weekly Bonus Ranges From To Then Extra Weekly Bonus

Rs.1000 – 3000 = Rs.500

Rs.3001 – 5000 = Rs.1000

Rs.5001 – 8000 = Rs.3000

Rs.8001 – 10000 = Rs.6000

Rs.10001 – 15000 = Rs.10000

Rs.15001 – 20000 = Rs.15000

Rs.20001 – 30000 = Rs.20000

Rs.30001 – 50000 = Rs.30000

Rs.50001 – 80000 = Rs.60000

Rs.80001 – 100000 = Rs.100000

Rs.100000 – Above = Rs.200000

Trever Teen Patti HOW TO Add Cash

  1. Open the Trever Teen Patti App.
  2. Tap On VIP button.
  3. Then Click on Buy button.
  4. Choose 500 Chips and click on Add Chips button.
  5. Complete your transaction.
  6. You will also become an VIP by Adding Cash into your account.


1. First of all open the Trever Teen Patti app.

2. Tap on Withdraw button.

3. You will have to options Bank Account & UPI.

4. Choose any and then enter details according to that.

5. Once you have entered your details save your settings and go back.

6. Now tap again on the Withdraw button.

7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and now you can withdraw your money.

8. You can withdraw daily as many times you want and the maximum amount you can withdraw has no limits, but yes the minimum withdraw Rs.100.

Payment Method

  1. Bank Account
  2. UPI

Minimum Payout

Rs.100 is the minimum amount you can redeem.

Trever Teen Patti Contact Details

WhatsApp Number: +639162119945


How much i will get in Trever Teen Patti Signup Bonus?

You will get Rs.51 Signup bonus in Trever Teen Patti App.

Trever Teen Patti is Still working?

Yes, The Trever Teen Patti is still working and giving payments as well.

How Can i Download Trever Teen Patti?

If you want to download the Trever Teen Patti then follow the above download link by visiting Trever Teen Patti website.

What is the Size of Trever Teen Patti?

The Size of Trever Teen Patti apk is Just 46MB.